If you don't want to stop running due to injury, and want to run at your best, then you are in the right place. More than 80% of our patients are runners and so are we.


Rest is overrated

We know that most injuries do not need resting and that most of them benefit from continuing to run, but importantly our experience enables us to pick up the rare conditions that do. Unfortunately every year we pick up stress fractures that have been missed by other physios, doctors, chiropractors and osteopaths. Email or book online now.

We know how to get you running at your best in as minimal time possible and give you all the tools you need to recover including advice on nutrition, your training programme, your running technique, exercises and stretches.

We hate hearing of people dropping out of marathons when we know we could have prevented it if we had been able to advise. It’s heartbreaking for the individual and a horrible waste of hard-earned fundraising for the fabulous charities and the fabulous causes they support.


‘Incredible value for money’

We are consistently told what incredible value for money we are. You can read over three hundred five-star reviews on GoogleMaps and Facebook to see how we have honed our services over the past twenty years to provide exceptional clinical standards in a friendly fun way all at extremely reasonable rates. 

With our established video-based services, we provide running support to individuals, groups, and charities around the world. Email us to find out more or book online now.

  1. Individual
    • You can make the most of our free exercises and videos on this website, on our website and on our Facebook page as well as asking any questions at our Friday Physio Live Q&A sessions on Facebook and Instagram. 
    • Join our Facebook Octopus Clinic Running Group for only £8 a month and get unlimited advice on training, injuries, pain, motivation, nutrition, strength and conditioning, exercises and stretches.  
    • It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can still benefit from our expertise, thanks to modern technology. You can read some of the hundreds of passionate fives star reviews about how effective video consultations are and what they involve. You can make the most of our highly discounted treatment packages and get back to running pain-free ASAP. Email or book online now.
  2. Running clubs 
    • No one likes to see their teammates suffering from pain when running or even worse, not being able to run at all. By choosing our video-based running workshops you can optimise performance and minimise pain and injury.
    • For the last twenty years, we have been ‘translating’ the latest evidence-based running research into fun and practical workshops delivered by video link or in person.
    • We keep the sessions interactive with lots of opportunities for you to ask questions about training and injury prevention. To find out more about our running workshops please click on the link or email
  3. Charities
    • We hear of too many people dropping out of marathons when we know we could have prevented them from doing so if we had been able to advise. It’s heartbreaking for the individual and a horrible waste of hard-earned fundraising for your fabulous charity.
    • We have worked with charities for over ten years, providing presentations, Live Q&A sessions, social media support, training plans, advice on nutrition, exercise videos, stretches and motivational support.
    • We are therefore in a unique position to provide affordable support packages to avert drop-outs and prevent loss of funds raised. Click on the link to find out more about how we prevent drop outs with our affordable charity support packages and read testimonials from charities we support or email for more information. 


How we will get you back to running pain-free

To enable you to run pain-free we optimize your biomechanics and create a training program that focuses on recovery. We have produced hundreds of videos and contribute regularly to national media which gives you an idea of our level of expertise, along with having over three hundred independent five-star reviews. We collaborate with leading sports doctors, nutritionists, and fitness professionals who recommend us highly as you can see from their testimonials.

We have been getting excellent reviews for our video-based injury consultations for many years. Modern technology gives us not only a way of communicating verbally but visually too. This means we can demonstrate diagnostic tests for you to carry out to work out what is causing your pain and, most importantly, treat it effectively to get you better quickly and fully. We do this by teaching you treatment techniques and exercises to reduce your pain and get you back to pain-free running.

We will teach you specific exercises to correct your biomechanics, strengthen weak muscles, improve your alignment and enable healing. Some of these will be selected from the exercise library on our website and others we will demonstrate and practice together by video link. All of this can be done in your home or office, wherever you have good internet access.

Email or book online now.

‘Cannot recommend enough. I was struggling with knee problems in training for a marathon and was totally overwhelmed and confused about what to do and who to see. They have been absolutely incredible, sorting out my knee INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVELY and QUICKLY but also reassuring and calming me – they understand that people running a marathon for charity have often gone through something and that training is an emotional challenge as well as a physical one.’

‘They are helping our charity for the London marathon and have really helped me out with 2 issues, firstly my knee, they gave me a few exercises to do and they worked a treat and secondly on plantar fascitis. Fully recommended.’

‘Incredibly happy with the experience. I was preparing to run the London Marathon and got in touch with Octopus a couple of months prior to it, to ensure I’m ready. Full professionalism and support. Managed to run two minutes ahead of target, crossing the finish line in 2:28’

‘I live in Australia but am running the London Marathon. Having access to their knowledge and experience has enabled me to work through a few and varied niggles. They replied promptly to emails and pointed me towards the appropriate exercise and advice videos for my issues, which were very easy to follow. I feel very lucky to have had their services available to me and would highly recommend her. Thank you!’

‘Four weeks before I assumed that I would have to drop out because of my knee but a few sessions ensured that I ran the marathon without any problems’

Please go to the Octopus Clinic testimonials section to learn more or check out our hundreds of 100% five-star google reviews and Facebook reviews @octopusclinic.


The best exercises and stretches for runners

We have produced this popular article on the best exercises and stretches for runners, please click here to read it in full or watch the video below.  


Testimonials from Consultants and Sports Doctors

‘Lucy and her team at Octopus really are absolutely 1st class — all of the team are highly experienced and highly skilled… I have referred many of my knee patients to The Octopus Clinic over the years and I’ve had nothing but highly positive feedback from my patients. I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Lucy and her team!’ Ian McDermott Consultant Knee Surgeon Managing Partner, London Sports Orthopaedics
‘I’m a massive fan of the team at Octopus! I’m a Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine, which means I need brilliant therapists to help mend my broken patients. Octopus has consistently delivered top-notch care for my peeps, and I know they can handle complicated problems that other physios and osteos may not have had success with. They are really, really lovely people and take such good care of my patients, who consistently rave about them. If you’re injured or in pain, I couldn’t recommend them enough!’ Dr. Catherine Spenser-Smith, Sports and Exercise \Medicine Consultant, SportsDoc London
‘I carry out many specialist surgical procedures which require complex and skilled physiotherapy in order for patients to make full recovery. Not many therapists are sufficiently experienced or have the skills to treat such patients and we rely heavily upon the support of our colleagues to take patients through this. Without this, surgical intervention is almost redundant. We know that we can rely on Lucy for her skill and attention to detail and all the patients do very well in her hands. Patients do very well in her care and greatly appreciate knowing that they are in expert hands. Sending patients to lesser talented therapists means that their rehab nearly always doesn’t go smoothly and sometimes the outcome is poor.’ Jonathan Webb, Consultant Knee Surgeon, Fortius Clinic


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    Common Injuries

  • Patella Tendinopathy (pain front of knee below knee cap)

    Please read how the knee works before reading the following. It can occur in any propulsive, impact based sports or as a result of a change in loading to the tendon. The patella (knee cap) tendon extends from the bottom of the knee cap and inserts into the tibial tuberosity...

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  • Shin Splints

    'Shin splints' is an umbrella term for a number of conditions causing pain down the front of your shin, which is usually aggravated by exercise and tender to touch: compartment syndrome, stress fractures, tibial stress syndrome and periostitis. It is commonly associated with a change in running technique, footwear, sudden...

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  • Disc Problems

    Disc injuries cover a whole spectrum of problems including disc degeneration, disc prolapse and a disc bulge, all in varying levels of severity. Minor injuries will feel like a localized ache over the spine; more severe injuries cause intense pain and immobility, with pain, pins and needles, numbness and/or weakness...

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  • Knee Braces

    This information is on its way, please contact us at the clinic for more info in the meantime. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Clicking Shoulder

    Clicking or crunching in the shoulder can be caused by a number of things. Most people fear that the clicking is caused by bone hitting bone. However, thankfully nowadays this is rare. If you have this, it is likely that for many years you have been suffering severe pain and...

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  • Lateral Ankle Sprain

    The most common ankle sprain is of the outside of the ankle – twisting it on an uneven surface or with a sudden turn or fall during sport (or in the pub!) This results in sudden pain in the outside of the ankle, swelling, increased temperature and, if severe, difficulty...

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  • ITB and TFL release

    Please click here to read how the knee works before reading the following.

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  • How to find pelvic neutral

    Please click here to learn how the back works before reading the following. Do not do the following if you have any back pain- you must see a Physiotherapist or Osteopath for a full assessment, diagnosis and guidance through the exercise. Please click on the link to learn how to...

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  • Shoulder exercises

    There are a variety of exercises that are great for your shoulders including: 1) Train shoulder posture 2) Train your scapular stabilizers 3) Train serratus anterior muscle 4) Stretch the lats (latissimus dorsi) muscles 5) Train the rotator cuff muscles

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  • Glut/ VMO/ leg alignment exercise

    Please click here to read 'how the knee works' before reading the following. This exercise trains the lateral glute muscle fibres, lower limb alignment, VMO (the inside part of the quads muscle) and stretches the calf so is a big hitter – if you can get it right! You will...

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  • Proprioception exercise

    Please click here to learn about lateral ligament strains before reading the following. Proprioception is the body's positional sense. In other words it is what enables your brain to know where your arms and legs are positioned without needing to look at them. If there is a significant difference in...

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  • Hip and groin: biomechanical optimisation, exercises, post-op rehab

    The following advice is designed for you to work through with your physiotherapist so it is important that you DO NOT try and do it alone. Hence why there is some juicy physiotherapy lingo in there!

    Read More

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