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Our Values

We are driven by core values that give us a very high success rate. We have 100% five star google reviews and 100% of respondents in our latest survey would recommend us to their friends and family, were fully satisfied with their treatment and reported that we fully listened and explained the cause of their problem and treatment plan.

Our Values

It is not just the qualifications, years and quality of experience, evidence based practice and clinical excellence that the team at Octopus Clinic offers that makes us who we are. We believe that if we look after each other we will be better at looking after our patients so staff CPD and welfare is at the heart of our values.

  • We successfully treat complex conditions, many of which have been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere, be it pain in the back, neck, knee  shoulder, hip, foot or anywhere in the musculoskeletal system.
  • We care and we listen. Getting rid of pain and restoring function is our priority and life’s work. Our physiotherapy, osteopathy and massage techniques remove pain quickly, enabling rapid return to normal activities whether that is running a marathon or sitting comfortably at work.
  • We ensure that our patients understand their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  • Our diagnosis and treatment addresses the cause of pain which gives long-lasting relief. Our holistic approach speeds up results and includes advice on diet and nutrition, posture, training schedules and lifestyle.
  • Our passion for empowering patients is reflected in this website which contains a library of information and videos, including advice on the diagnosis and treatment of common causes of pain for everything from the ligaments in the foot to the joints and nerves of the spine and the muscles of the shoulders.
  • We hold integrity and honesty as key to everything we do and our patients immediately recognise the confidence we have in our own skills, knowledge, experience and proven track record.
  • We value consistency and the importance of seeing the same practitioner throughout the treatment period.
  • Our professional codes of conduct are en­grained. All patient information is kept confidential, which is partly why we are popular with celebrities and those in the public eye.

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