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Running, Cycling and Snowsports Assessments

Come and see our highly specialist running, cycling and snow-sports Physiotherapists. They all have have vast amounts of experience working with elite and amateur athletes and have used this to develop sport specific assessments. Improve your performance and technique, prevent injury and get great training advice from one of our experts today.

Running Assessments

In these one our sessions our specialist running Physiotherapists use video analysis and feedback, drills and exercises to enable you to optimise your technique. We will advise you on training frequency, quantity and quality so that you can run faster with less effort and no pain. We provide written advice as well as exercise videos and drills you can take away with you.

Check out our testimonials and five star google reviews to be inspired by the runners that we have seen and their achievements.

There is also lots of advice, exercises and videos on this website on running and marathon training so please do use our search tool to dig out lots of useful information.


Cycling Assessments

Our resident cycling specialist Physiotherapist would be accurately described as a cycling nut. What she doesn’t know about cycling training, bike set up, equipment, injury prevention and performance is not worth knowing.

You need to bring in your bike so we can set it up on an turbo trainer in our rehab gym. Our cycling specialist physio will correct your body’s alignment and adjust your bike to make sure that your body and bike are working together absolutely optimally. If you need to alter parts of your bike we will send you to specialists we know from experience can be trusted to give you the absolute best service. You will be given exercises and drills to practice and advice regarding training so that you can improve your enjoyment and performance on your bike.

There is advice, exercises and videos on this website on cycling that you may find interesting and please get in touch for more information or to book in now.


Skiing and Snowboarding Assessments

These assessments are incredibly popular and very effective, in part because our specialist Ski and Snowboarding Physiotherapists have experience working with professional and amateur skiers including members of the GB team, ski instructors and race coaches. We have written and produced the Bodytech Ski DVD and contribute regularly to snowsports media.

The hour sessions involve observing how you move and addressing the limitations of your joints or muscles so that you can make immediate improvements in your technique. You will also be given advice and exercises on pre-season training that can be realistically incorporated into your weekly routine. You will be provided with written information as well as video clips and exercises.

Please check out the ski and snowboarding section on this website for lots of interesting information or get in touch to find out more.

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