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About Octopus Clinic

Physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald and Osteopath Hazel Mansfield set up Octopus Clinic in 2012. This was as a result of witnessing people suffering unnecessary pain and life restrictions. These include pain in peoples joints, muscles, nerves and ligaments as well as restrictions in both their work, family and social lives. Lucy and Hazel knew that with correct treatment these issues could be alleviated, and so, Octopus was formed.

With their 20 years of combined experience, they are well placed to lead a clinic that prides itself on clinical excellence. They know that Physiotherapy and Osteopathy done properly can treat the cause of pain and get rid of it for good.

Pain and injury affects sedentary people as well as occasional exercisers, elite athletes and anyone in between. Octopus Clinic Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are highly experienced in treating the full spectrum of conditions. Clients at Octopus can  be confident they are receiving the best care possible. All the clinicians at Octopus have exceptional clinical assessment experience, highly effective hands on techniques and thorough rehabilitation and exercise prescription skills.

We treat many international athletes including professional runners, cyclists, rugby, hockey and football players. We have also worked with members of GB power-lifting, GB gymnastics, the GB AFL and ski teams,  and competitors in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

At Octopus clinic we treat complex conditions, many of which have been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere. Be it pain in the back, neck, knees, shoulder, hip, groin, foot ankle or anywhere in the musculoskeletal system, we are confident in our ability to help our clients.

For more about what makes us stand out please go to the ‘Our Values’ section. 

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