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Corporate Packages

Optimize team welfare and productivity with same day appointments, out of office hours, fast booking and economical treatment with our highly experienced Physiotherapists and Osteopaths. We are covered by all major insurance companies and provide rapid, effective relief of pain and injury as well as presentations and workshops.

We are specialists in the prevention and treatment of work-related injuries, including ergonomic advice and work station assessments.

We contribute regularly to health media, carry out presentations and workshops at health events and in offices and advise on processes for reducing sick leave in companies.


Octopus Clinic Work Wellbeing Packages

We have affordable corporate packages designed to keep you and your team healthy, pain-free and productive while they work at home or in the office. 

  1. The Octopus Clinic Work Wellbeing Workshops are delivered by our highly experienced physiotherapists who provide the latest evidence-based health and wellbeing research in a meaningful and practical way. At £39 per person, it is the most cost-effective way of complying with DSE regulations as well as saving money from absenteeism and boosting staff morale.
  2. The Octopus Clinic Group Membership package is designed for groups of twenty people, or multiples of twenty people.  It includes all of the benefits of the workshops, plus membership of a private Facebook group for unlimited free physio and wellbeing advice, twelve pain or injury reports per year, heavily discounted physio and osteopathy treatment, and work station assessments.


Getting People Back To Work Quickly and Safely

People don’t perform optimally at work if they are in pain, and huge amount of sick leave is taken due to musculoskeletal injury. We alleviate pain rapidly. We aim to treat the cause for long-lasting relief so that normal activities can be resumed as quickly and safely as possible.

Octopus Clinic Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are top of their field and take pride in their clinical excellence. We successfully treat complex or chronic conditions, many of which have been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere. Our patients consult us on everything from nagging knee pain to complex spinal injuries.


Same Day, Early Morning and Evening Appointments

Time away from work due to pain and injury has a huge disruptive impact on business. That is why we have availability for the same or following day, so we can nip it in the bud quickly. We have appointments available from 7.30am to 8pm.


Cost-Effective and Covered by Insurance

Leading physio’s and osteo’s need not cost the earth, that’s why our prices are competitive. We are recognized by all insurance companies including AxaPPP and Bupa.


Work Station Assessment and Ergonomics

We visit offices to give bespoke advice on posture or work-station set up. If this is not possible, we look at photos of the way a patient sits and make adjustments to aid recovery.



Sports massage works the muscles back into their optimum state and can therefore prevent injuries from developing and a relaxing massage can do wonders for stress levels and optimise work performance.



Done properly, Pilates​ strengthens the deep stability muscles of the spine, it’s a great way to prevent time off due to joint pain and injuries.

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