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Affordable Group Membership Package: Don’t allow productivity to suffer due to pain and illness


How many people in your workforce have missed workdays as a result of preventative injuries like back pain or RSI? We offer packages to support groups of twenty staff to maintain productivity, prevent pain, make positive lifestyle habits and enable them to perform at their best.


Some shocking stats from the ONS: 

  • Employees took an average of 4.1 sickness absence days in 2017 of which 23.2% are due to musculoskeletal problems, such as back and joint pain, that can be prevented and treated by physiotherapy and osteopathy.
  • 14% of sick days are caused by mental health conditions which can be reduced by being active.
  • The remaining causes include 36% minor illnesses, 5% gastrointestinal and 4% respiratory problems all of which can be reduced by improving the immune system which has been proven to improve with regular exercise.   


What you can do about it

We can provide you affordable group membership packages for a minimum of 20 people or multiples of twenty people to boost productivity and enrich the lives of your employees by supporting their health at work and at home, whilst staying comfortably within your budget.


Expertise on a budget – how we do it

We are able to provide such good value because we are a small independent company consisting of highly experienced Physiotherapists and Osteopaths who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, reduce the number of people in pain and improve health and wellbeing. 


What is included in the Group Membership Package

  • Three Work Wellbeing Workshops per year. These group video-based exercise and wellbeing sessions are led by the clinical specialist physio to empower you and your team with the knowledge and skills to get moving and develop positive health habits including nutrition and stress management. Your team will learn how to sit properly and arrange their equipment around them to prevent and treat pain or stiffness in accordance with the latest DSE guidelines. They will learn effective exercises and techniques they can do in the office or at home. The sessions are followed up with written advice and exercise videos. You can find out more about the Work Wellbeing Workshops here including reading some of the exceptional reviews they receive.
  • Ongoing professional support in our Private Octopus Clinic Membership Group on Facebook where members can ask our experts questions about their wellbeing, pain, stress management, injury, nutrition, fitness and health.
  • 20% off online or face to face work station assessments
  • 15% off physiotherapy and osteopathy assessment, treatment, sports screenings and health coaching sessions/ People often prefer not to use their medical insurance because they only wish to have a one-off session which is well within their excess, if they want to be seen without needing a GP referral or if they have used their insurance allowance for the year.
  • 10% off for friends and family
  • Twelve Physiotherapy Assessment Reports per year, limited to one per person unless otherwise agreed by you. These include written diagnosis, treatment plan and recommendations. The individual can then choose to use their medical insurance, receive NHS physiotherapy or self-pay for further treatment. 

Cost per 20 people:

  • Option 1: £4000 per year one-off payment
  • Option 2: Initial payment £2000 plus monthly £190 per month for twelve months


Other Workshops and Tailored Membership Packages

Having been established for nearly ten years and with clinicians with over twenty years of experience and a multitude of specialisms we can provide workshops and treatment packages tailored to your needs. We work closely with sports doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and other health care and fitness professionals so we can involve them if you wish. Other topics we have done workshops on in the past have included:

  • Women’s Health: Pregnancy and Post-Natal Advice and Exercises 
  • Running and Marathon Training and Injury Prevention
  • Cycling Training and Injury Prevention
  • Football Training and Injury Prevention
  • Skiing and Snowboarding


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a tailored quote by email lucy@octopusclinic.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Octopus Clinic Team

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