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Sports Massage

Too many people ignore the benefits of sports massage to the frustration of the patient and to those of us who know how effective it can be.

Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are highly qualified in sports massage and will work your muscles back into their optimum state pre or post exercise. Their high level of experience makes sports massage with us extremely good value.

Sports massage has been found to be effective in improving recovery, performance, fatigue and pain in athletes. Here are some quotes:

‘Athletes having regular massage are twice as likely to achieve their goals’ (Dawson et al, 2011)

‘Massage is proven to reduce back pain’ (Cochrane Review, 2002)

‘Massage therapy reduces pain and improves function in some musculoskeletal conditions.’ (Bervoets et al, 2015)

Massage therapy is effective on post-race recovery from pain and fatigue in long-distance triathlon athletes. (Nunes et al, 2016)

A post-exercise massage session can improve the exercise performance and recovery rate in male bodybuilders after intensive exercise. (Kargarfard et al 2015)

We always make sure we have same day appointments available and are open from 7.30am to 8pm so please get in touch to book an appointment now.

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