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Joint or Bone Manipulation or Re-alignment

Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths use techniques such as joint manipulation (that can make a cracking noise) and joint mobilisations (that don’t make any noise) to release stiffness in the joints between bones including the spine and pelvis.

These techniques are used to provide fast pain relief. Clinical evidence behind how joint mobilisation and manipulation works is reinforcing the theory that, rather than ‘realigning’ the bones, these techniques have a subtle but significant effect on the neural connections between the joint and the brain, and increase circulation, both of which then have an effect on reducing pain, improving the quality of movement of the joint and encouraging healing.  

Before using joint mobilisation or manipulation our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths will use tailored massage techniques to ensure that the surrounding soft tissues are relaxed and released so that the joints move freely, easily and in a pain free manner. They will then give you exercises to maintain these improvements.

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