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Become part of our established community of people who have left their pain behind them, living healthier, happier, and more productive lives. Our physiotherapists and osteopaths have over 350 five-star reviews about our worldwide virtual services and our face-to-face services in Blackfriars, London. Check out our popular exercise and advice videos and come and join us for our weekly Live Q&A sessions.


‘Unbelievable value for money.’

If you want to get better fully, as quickly as possible and in as few physio sessions as possible, then our physiotherapists and osteopaths are for you. You can read over three hundred and fifty passionate testimonials on GoogleMaps and Facebook to find out why, including those of leading orthopaedic and sports consultants. To book please email

Whether you see us by video consultation or face to face in London, you can use your health insurance or, if you are self-funding, you can make the most of our heavily discounted physio packages. If you have frequent sports injuries, chronic back pain, are recovering from complex pain, or need post-op rehabilitation then the Octopus Clinic Individual Membership is the best option for you.

Your face-to-face Physiotherapy and Osteopathy sessions will follow our COVID-19 policy and procedures which continue to evolve alongside guidelines from the government, PHE, and our professional organizations. 

To book please email


Wellbeing at Work Packages

We have affordable corporate packages designed to keep you and your team healthy, pain-free, and productive while they work at home or in the office. 

  1. The Octopus Clinic Work Wellbeing Workshops are delivered by our highly experienced physiotherapists who provide the latest evidence-based health and wellbeing research in a meaningful and practical way. It is the most cost-effective way of complying with DSE regulations as well as saving money from absenteeism and boosting staff morale.
  2. The Octopus Clinic Group Membership package is designed for groups of twenty people, or multiples of twenty people.  It includes all of the benefits of the workshops, plus membership of a private Facebook group for unlimited free physio and wellbeing advice, twelve pain or injury reports per year, heavily discounted physio and osteopathy treatment, and work station assessments.

We have limited availability so to make sure you and your team don’t miss out please email 

You can also book video consultations online.


Video Physio Consultations – Efficient and Effective

We remain open for face-to-face physiotherapy and osteopathy. The UK government has advised that we should remain open during the lockdown. However, our video consultations remain popular as you will see from the scores of reviews on our Facebook page and on GoogleMaps.

You are not alone in wondering how physio video consultations work but once you have experienced them you will understand why they are so effective – you can read hundreds of patient testimonials on google maps and social media to see why. You can get your pain treated quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently without needing to waste time traveling from home or the office. It also means that we have more and more patients from around the world. Even if you have had failed treatment elsewhere we have a proven track record of resolving pain and injury. You can book virtual appointments online now or for face to face appointments please phone 02075838288 or email

Modern technology gives us not only a way of communicating verbally but visually too. This means we can demonstrate diagnostic tests for you to carry out to work out what is causing your pain and, most importantly, treat it. We do this by teaching you treatment techniques and exercises to reduce your pain and get you back to doing the things you identify in your first session with us. We use Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom and Skype and continue to be open to other ways too.

As you can see from hundreds of patient testimonials, our many years of experience doing video consultations mean that we are very effective in knowing how to make sure you get better quickly and fully. We teach you specific exercises to correct your biomechanics, strengthen weak muscles, improve your alignment and ultimately get you pain-free. Some of these will be selected from the exercise library on our website and others we will demonstrate and practice together by video link. All of this can be done in your home or office as long as you have good internet access.

Email or book online now.

‘I suffered for almost a year with Achilles’ problems.. saw physios, podiatrist, osteopaths, soft tissue therapists and had shock therapy.. none of them resolved my issues…by chance I saw a video which really resonated with me… all my treatment with her was over WhatsApp, I didn’t even have to go into clinic. It seemed crazy but by this point I had nothing to lose.. I had maybe 4 sessions with her. The first was an hour where she looked at my posture, history, had me doing some movements etc so she could look for imbalances. She gave me very basic treatment plans, and I could message her any queries that I had. We checked in maybe once a month and within a few weeks I was comfortable running and more importantly for me, I felt confident I wasn’t going to do any more damage. she listened, gave solid advice and manageable exercises. I am back running and in full training for the London Marathon. I honestly can’t recommend her enough’

Email or book online now.


Running Specialist Physios and Osteopaths

We know that most injuries do not need resting and that most of them benefit from continuing to run, but importantly our experience enables us to pick up the rare conditions that do. Unfortunately every year we pick up stress fractures that have been missed by other physios, doctors, chiropractors, and osteopaths. Luckily most injuries just require a couple of video consultations to tweak your running alignment and do some exercises to get your biomechanics tip top. You will also see in our testimonials that we see lots of people who have been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere and get them back to running in no time. Email or book online now.

We do workshops for running clubs so please click on the link to find out more. 

Are you a charity looking to support your runners and prevent them from dropping out of their fundraising event? We hate hearing of people dropping out of marathons when we know we could have prevented it if we had been able to advise. It’s heartbreaking for the individual and a horrible waste of hard-earned fundraising for the charities. To find out about our charity runners’ support packages please click here.


A track record like no other

The Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at Octopus Clinic have over 350 independent five-star google reviews including those of orthopaedic consultants, sports doctors, rheumatologists, and neurosurgeons. 

Your Physiotherapist or Osteopath will get rid of your pain quickly and thoroughly using the latest in exercise medicine. After the first session, they will provide a written report indicating recovery times and goalposts for return to activities/sport. 

Our mission is to empower you to recover from pain. This is why we write extensively in the national media and have produced over one hundred free online exercise and advice videos.

We also provide Pilates, Wellness at Work Programmes, charity marathon events, work station assessments and running/ski/bike assessments.

All of your information is kept confidential, which is partly why we are popular with professional athletes, celebrities and those in the public eye. Check out our testimonials5 star google reviews and our clinic video on this home page.

Email or book online now.

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Free Physio Advice

We are dedicated to empowering people with expert physio knowledge irrespective of geographical or financial circumstances, to get rid of pain for good.

You can ask questions and get free physio advice Live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube at 130pm every Friday so make sure you come and follow us now.

You can also make the most of the 2o0 exercise videos on this website and subscribe to our popular YouTube channel for weekly videos. Here are three examples:


How will our physios and osteopaths help you?

Our physios and osteopaths are highly qualified and experienced in the evidence-based treatment of pain or injury in muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments, and tendons. The most common problems are back pain, knee pain, sports injuries, shoulder problems, neck pain, hip and groin pain, headaches, and foot or ankle problems. You can go to the team section on this website and use our handy find a physio search tool to find your ideal physio or osteopath. 

Email or book online now.

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    Key Treatment Areas

  • Back Pain
  • Knee Injuries
  • Shoulder Problems
  • Sports Injuries
  • Work or Stress Related Pain or Tension
  • Complex or Chronic Pain
  • Hip & Groin Pain
  • Foot & Ankle Problems
  • Muscles, Joints, Nerves, Tendons
  • Neck Pain and Headaches
  • Elbow, Arm and Wrist Problems
  • Post-operative Rehabiliation

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