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Restoring Hope – Testimonials

We have put together some testimonials that should restore hope for recovery, hope that you are able to get back to doing the things you enjoy and hope that you can be the person you want to be.

We have a team of physiotherapists and osteopaths who specialise in the treatment of unresolved injuries and persistent pain and it would be our pleasure to enable you to recover.

To enable you to start 2023 with hope we are launching our Unresolved Injury Clinic the week beginning 21st November 2022. During the week we are offering free phone consultations to anyone who has an unresolved injury or pain that would like to discuss self help strategies and how our physiotherapists can help. To find out other free events during our Unresolved Injuries week please click here.

Octopus clinic has restored my faith in online physiotherapy after treatment with other physios that left my painful (sciatic nerve related) morning hobbles unchanged for months. I was blown away by the depth of knowledge behind treatments and I’m now back to long runs without pain that I never imagined would be possible without intervention. The only regression I saw was when I lapsed in my exercises. This is the most I’ve been reassured during treatment and held to account for my exercise. Thanks for restoring a massive part of my life.

Raph Keymer

Wonderful, dedicated and knowledgeable specialists. After 3 previous physios, Octopus was the first clinic that actually helped me get rid of knee aches and shin splints from running. Highly recommended!

Alex P

I have been suffering from knee pain for nearly 10 months. I have seen two consultants and a number of physios. Nobody was able to accurately identify the issue or help with my pain management. After a steroid injection, I was recommended Reform by the consultant and I could not be more grateful for this recommendation. Robyn was wonderful. She was clear about the recovery and action plan from the beginning, setting me attainable goals and useful ways for me to monitor my own progress between sessions. She would quiz me in every session to make sure that I understood why each exercise was necessary and how this would benefit my recovery and the outcome. My knee is almost back to normal and I just know that I could not have done this without Robyn’s help. I am leaving the area but I will definitely make sure I travel to see Robyn if I need help in the future.

I suffered for almost a year with Achillies problems.. saw physios, podiatrist, osteopaths, soft tissue therapists and had shock therapy.. not of them collectively resolved my issues.
By chance I saw a video posted by Lucy which really resonated with me. The first tip was ‘do not stretch a tendon’.. when in fact, everyone else I saw said the opposite. I contacted her and asked why she was different! Lucy was confident she could fix me, and all my treatment was over WhatsApp, I didn’t even have to go into clinic. It seemed crazy but by this point I had nothing to lose.. I had maybe 4 sessions with her. The first was an hour where she looked at my posture, history, had me doing some movements etc so she could look for imbalances. She gave me very basic treatment plans, and I could message her any queries that I had. We checked in maybe once a month and within a few weeks I was comfortable running and more importantly for me, I felt confident I wasn’t going to do any more damage. Lucy listens, gives solid advice and manageable exercises. I am back running and in full training for the London Marathon. I honestly can’t recommend Lucy enough.

Maxine Chadderton

This time last year I could barely get out of bed and move without pain killers and I was planning on running an Ultra Marathon…! I asked Lucy for help to get me to the start line. As part of my training I worked with Lucy to fix a back problem I have suffered with for the best part of 25 years. Lucy was just incredible, her knowledge of the musculoskeletal anatomy is just outstanding. She hardly laid a hand on me, importantly she taught me to reconnect to my body and gave me the tools and exercises to help myself. I had a few set backs but Lucy was always there to get me back on track. I have been to so many physios/ osteos etc with little success. It’s not too bigger claim to say that the treatment I got from Lucy has changed my life – I now live without constant pain…and I completed the Ultra Marathon! Thank you Lucy, you are just awesome!

Tee Barnes

I went to see Ian after suffering with lower back and severe hip pain for over six months. I was unable to tie up my shoes or sleep through the night. After only a few visits I was more or less pain free and after a couple of months I went on a walking holiday which would have been unthinkable earlier in the year. I really recommend Ian, he is friendly, explains everything clearly, is professional and excellent at his job. Thank you!

Claire Patey

I saw Marni for an old injury on my shoulder as well back issues as a result of my work. Marni was professional, approachable and gave practical advise for my treatment plan. She was very quick in responding to any further queries I had via email and also used her Women’s Health experience to provide me with changes that will benefit me long term. Highly recommend. The workplace itself was clean and hygienic.

Priya Handa

When I was referred to Lucy I had given up hope of treating my hip pain caused by excessive cycling (having had two steroid injections and seen three consultants and two physios). Thankfully Lucy didn’t give up so easily and promised that, although it would take some time, she was confident I could be pain free and get back on my bike. She treated me through online consultations, supported by video tutorials for my exercises, and I am over the moon that I am now biking again and have just signed up to my first cycling trip. I would never have considered treatment only online before but it worked really well.
Lucy was brilliant throughout my treatment – she was interested in my wider health and wellbeing and was always so encouraging and easy to talk to. She is supported by an excellent team so I knew that if she wasn’t available there were other experts I could see.
I am extremely grateful to her for all that she has done for me and can’t recommend her, and Octopus Clinic, enough.

Sara Billington

I cannot recommend Robyn enough! At the start of my physio journey I had a lot of pain, and after several sessions I’m now pain free and also have learnt a number of strategies that I can use myself to prevent or treat the pain in the future. Robyn was great at finding the crux of the problem, being incredibly supportive and treating me with both physio and Pilates-led exercises. Plus she’s lovely and I will miss seeing her on a regular basis!

I am very grateful to the physio Lucy at the Octopus Clinic. She helped me to understand how the brain and nervous system process pain and how one can break the cycle of chronic pain. I was struggling to do many everyday things before working with Lucy but – although still experiencing some level of discomfort and pain – I am now able to do all the things I need to do and live my life largely as normal, including taking care of my child. Lucy was very encouraging and supportive throughout. Big thank you 🙂

Stephane Thomson

I was referred to Lucy after suffering from tendinitis in my hip for more than two years and having previously seen multiple Physio’s and doctors with little success. Lucy had a really refreshing approach to treatment focusing on my biomechanics and getting to the cause of the problem. Within a matter of weeks I was noticing improvements and was soon able to return to running and playing sports. Lucy was amazing, is really knowledgable and has helped me so much. The online videos are great too. 5* would not hesitate to recommend!

Claire Philipson

Robyn has helped me to resolve an injury which I haven’t been able to fully recover from for years. Other physios have provided short term fixes to my back injury mainly via massage but ultimately the same problem has reoccurred. Robyn has differed by:
1) spent time assessing what causes the injury in the way I move and run
2) built a program to strengthen specific muscles and improve mobility
3) motivated me to achieve goals via a specific program.
The course of physio has been challenging but rewarding. Heavy focus on prevention over a cure and she has allowed me to take ownership of recovery through a program whilst providing expert support and guidance. I have a better understanding of my physiology and awareness of what causes injury and how to best manage it. It’s been great fun working with Robyn and I can’t thank her enough.

I was referred to Lucy with trochanteric bursitis which was restricting the flexibility of my left hip. Having seen numerous physios in the past, I was slightly sceptical but I have been truly amazed at how quickly Lucy was able to dramatically improve my range of motion, through hands on physio, a series of exercises and a bit of acupuncture, and help me both with what has been up until now a very challenging yoga posture as well as improve my running style drastically. 5 stars!

Rowan Edwards

I went to see Robyn initially after having back issues for 3-4 months which I thought would go away, but gradually got worse resulting in me waking up one day in intense pain. It took me about 30 minutes to stand up into a crooked position, I could not stand up straight and was in a bit of a panic! I just googled local physio and am so thankful that I found Robyn. I was possibly in the wort physical state in my life, feeling really low and depressed like this might be it for the rest of my life! My first meeting with Robyn was an initial assessment, she took a great deal of time to talk to me, listen, and look me over to understand exactly what was going on. I immediately had absolute confidence in her obvious expertise in her field and knew if I followed exactly what she said, I would recover. Over four months and about 8-10 visits I can say, not only that I am fully recovered, but actually in better physical shape than I have been for over ten years or so. Robyn has taught me to be more mindful of my body and how to look after it to avoid further issues. She created a bespoke exercise plan for me which was available through an app where she would upload what I needed to do so it was really easy. She gave me advice on what painkillers to ask my GP for (neuropathies painkillers, which I had never heard of and no one had ever mentioned before) and then kept tabs on how much I was taking and advised when to start coming off the painkillers. I am truly thankful for all the work she has done, I was in a really bad place thinking that I would have issues for the rest of my life and can write this today feeling like I am 18 again!

Lucy is a wonderful holistic physio! She’s amazing at problem solving complex chronic problems and creating a plan to get you back to full health again!

Helen Cranny

Robyn is amazing! She has been so motivational over the past six months. Not only has my physical function and fitness returned quicker than I expected, her approach has really helped me focus mentally. She’s a very skilled professional.

Very attentive care. Not only was I cured of my long term knee issues I was taught the reason why and how to prevent for the future. Would definitely recommend.

You can call us on 02075838288 to have a conversation with one of lead physiotherapist who can explain how we can help you recover. Alternatively you can book online or email reception@octopusclinic.com.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Octopus Clinic Team

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