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Virtual Physio

Efficient and Effective Physio Diagnosis and Treatment, Group Workshops and Exercise Classes and Work Station Assessments in the Comfort of your Home or Office


‘Highly Effective, Time-Efficient, and Exceptional Value’

You are not alone in wondering how physio video consultations work but once you have experienced them you will understand why we get such excellent feedback and they are so effective. You can read hundreds of patient testimonials on google maps and social media, some of which you will find at the bottom of this page, to see why. 

You can get your pain treated quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently by experts highly experienced in carrying out diagnosis and treatment by video consultation, without needing to waste time traveling from home or the office. It also means that geography is no longer a barrier so we are treating more and more patients from all around the world. Even if you have had failed treatment elsewhere we have a proven track record of resolving pain and injury. You can book virtual appointments online now or email reception@octopusclinic.com.


How physio video consultations work

Video consultations work brilliantly for physio assessment and treatment because modern technology gives us not only a way of communicating verbally but visually too. This means we can demonstrate diagnostic tests for you to carry out to work out what is causing your pain and, most importantly, treat it. We do this by teaching you treatment techniques and exercises to reduce your pain and get you back to doing the things you identify in your first session with us. We have been used apps like Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom and Skype and continue to be open to other ways too.

As you can see from the testimonials above, our years of experience doing video consultations mean that we are very effective in knowing how to make sure you get better quickly and fully. We teach you specific exercises to correct your biomechanics, strengthen weak muscles, improve your alignment and ultimately get you pain free. Some of these will be selected from the exercise library on our website and others we will demonstrate and practice together by video link. All of this can be done in your home if you have good internet access.

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Work Station Assessments 

We carry out Work Station Assessments by video consultation which you can find out more about here.


Group Workshops and Exercise Classes

To make the most of our Group Workshops and Exercise Classes which receive exceptional feedback from all attendees please click here. 



‘I had physiotherapy with Sam to help the recovery of my broken shoulder. He was extremely knowledgeable and always supportive of my recuperation, and managed to provide high-quality care even via Zoom. Highly recommended!’

‘I suffered for almost a year with Achilles’ problems.. saw physios, podiatrist, osteopaths, soft tissue therapists and had shock therapy.. none of them resolved my issues…by chance I saw a video which really resonated with me… all my treatment with her was over WhatsApp, I didn’t even have to go into clinic. It seemed crazy but by this point I had nothing to lose.. I had maybe 4 sessions with her. The first was an hour where she looked at my posture, history, had me doing some movements etc so she could look for imbalances. She gave me very basic treatment plans, and I could message her any queries that I had. We checked in maybe once a month and within a few weeks I was comfortable running and more importantly for me, I felt confident I wasn’t going to do any more damage. she listened, gave solid advice and manageable exercises. I am back running and in full training for the London Marathon. I honestly can’t recommend her enough.’

‘Following neck disc replacement surgery prior to the lockdown I’ve been having physio sessions with Anna over Zoom. She has been terrific at every stage – at my first session she ran through some strengthening exercises while I filmed her on my phone so I had them to refer to and over the weeks has advised me along with my recovery and adjusted exercises accordingly. She’s been supportive and encouraging all the way and I can’t highly recommend her enough.’

‘I suspect like many other people at the moment, I am working from home which has a number of challenges in that one moves less during the day not doing the daily commute for one thing. In addition, there is less social contact at the moment due to coronavirus and social distancing. Which is why I found video-based sessions, in order to be able to continue my treatment, so valuable. If the video-based session was not available I do not think I would not have been able to carry on my recovery. I would recommend Lucy and her team extremely highly as practitioners. In addition, the video-based sessions really felt as if I was in the same room as her; you forget that it is via a link. I did not think it was possible prior to try it to have such a successful ‘virtual’ physio session. She was able to correct my exercises because she could see how I was doing them in real-time all via the use of an iPad set up on the floor and against the side of the sofa! The other bonus was no travel time, so in fact less time away from my desk. I think this tool is going to become second nature to many over the next few months as treatment must continue despite Government restrictions on leaving the house. Once we are ’back to normal’ I think normal will have changed and evolved to a new normal which is much more of this screen-based interactive practitioner-led treatment. I am confident that I will get to do my triathlon in September because my treatment has not been interrupted by Covid-19, as I am able to link in with her and have my interactive (and physically challenging) physio session with the correct exercises that I can then do daily on my own.‘

‘I am recovering from knee surgery and have been working with Davina at Octopus Clinic, I am making great progress due to Davina’s fantastic professional advice and support. Due to the current coronavirus concerns I have been taking my sessions over video with Davina, these are very effective and are delivering great results. Could not recommend Octopus Clinic and Davina more!’

‘After three years of injuries and the prospect of another long recovery period ahead of me I was skeptical about the virtual sessions Octopus offers, but they shaved months off of my recovery time and got me back on the road with time to train for my next marathon. She suspected my initial diagnosis might not be 100% accurate and suggested a second opinion which confirmed her suspicions. With the right diagnosis, and also by identifying other mechanical weaknesses that have generated years of injuries, she has me running again. I dread to think how long I would have been sidelined with my injury had I not followed their advice. I may be in New York, but the virtual sessions have me feeling stronger than ever.
Thank you!!!’

‘Anna has been extremely helpful, clear and direct advice with practical steps on how to improve my neck and back. Seemless service via video calls even despite the current issues.’

Based in a very remote part of Zambia I had no idea how I was going to resolve an injury sustained whilst training for a marathon. Octopus Clinic were part of our running FB page, as runners themselves, and were there to help. We set up a WhatsApp video call, which worked brilliantly through our satellite-fed WiFi. My physio was amazing and engaged and talked me through diagnosis to next steps to recovery, as well as emailing me very clear and comprehensive exercises for rehab. Since then they have proactively made multiple follow-ups to check in on how I am doing and to keep me on track. Not that I want to get injured again but would have no hesitation in calling them again. 5* people and service. In times of social distancing and restricted travel, I can advocate that a remote consultation can really work!’

They have been excellent in helping me recover from a knee injury on video call. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.’

‘Davina is the physio you’ve always wanted: very knowledgeable, super friendly, and she is taking excellent care of my long recovery after knee surgery. I’m so glad that Octopus is now offering remote video consultations. I keep getting the support I need to continue my rehab journey and it gives me a routine that it would be hard to maintain otherwise while quarantined at home. It’s working really well! Can’t recommend more!’

‘I had had a Haglund’s bump for some time, which was causing inflammation on the back of my heel, and recurrent bouts of insertional tendinitis. They advised me about footwear and gave me daily exercises to improve my proprioception, core, and hip strength, and to gradually load my Achilles. After a few weeks of treatment, and video call appointments, I stopped experiencing tendinitis flare-ups. I’ve learned how to avoid situations which make the condition problematic, and have reduced the discomfort on my bony bump, enabling me to continue running and marathon training. I’m so pleased with the friendly service and down-to-earth advice, and the progress I’ve made.

‘They have been an absolute star. Firstly they mopped up my tears when I thought my marathon dreams were over. We worked together on a realistic plan and time scale to rebuild the strength in my hip and improve my posture. We are continuing our work over FaceTime whilst we can not to face to face work which is surprisingly very effective. Now VLM has been delayed we have more time to work together and to give me the best chance of getting around and achieving my goals. Thank you’

‘I first went to Octopus clinic after trying several other Physios with no improvements and after many sessions. After just 1 session I was back running with a plan in place and exercises which have helped immensely, unlike previous advice to just stop running (which wasn’t making it better). I went back to Octopus for another running injury 6 months later, which we did over Whatsapp video and still Lucy managed to sort me out and has helped me build a plan for the delayed marathon. Highly Recommend!!’

‘Referred by my hyper-mobility consultant after a running problem. Great friendly service and can easily do sessions over WhatsApp/ FaceTime in the current situation. Also, Lucy understands the particular problems with hyper-mobility and adjusts her advice accordingly. Great clear instructions with videos to refer to if you need a reminder between sessions.’

Email reception@octopusclinc.com, call 02075838288 or book online now.


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