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Skiers and Snowboarders: Optimise Performance, Train Effectively and Prevent Injury

Get free online videos exercises on this website and training advice with our Specialist Snow-sports Physiotherapist including ski and snowboarding technique and off mountain drills. 




Exercise Videos for Ski and Snowboard training

If you are a skier or boarder these videos are for you. Our Specialist Physiotherapist will guide you through ski and snowboarding exercises that you can do at your desk, at home, in the gym and on the mountain including technique drills, strengthening and stretching. Simply put the video numbers into the search tool above or go to the video section for the full selection. 


Ski and Snowboard Experts

Our Ski Specialist Physio, Lucy Macdonald, writes regularly in national media, has worked in professional and amateur snow-sports for ten years and provides one to one consultations analysing and correcting ski and snowboarding technique with exercises and training advice.


Off-Mountain Drills

Whether you want to prevent pain and injury or optimise performance, correcting the biomechanics of your body is essential. This involves correcting common movement faults as well as strengthening specific muscles. Stand in front of the mirror and self-correct the following movements.



Your Knees

With your feet in the position they would be in on the mountain bend your knees. Draw an imaginary vertical line from the centre of your knee to the ground. It should land between your second and third toes. Often the knees drop in causing poor carving technique, stability problems and knee pain.


Your Back and Pelvis

Your bottom should not be tucked under, nor should it be sticking out. Both positions can cause back pain, excessive upper body movement and reduced power and balance. Also check you are not sitting back causing loss of turning control and knee and leg pain.


Your Hips

To tip the skis you need to rotate or twist at the ball and socket joints of the hips, not at the pelvis. Not doing this can result in not finishing off turns, losing control of speed, skidding the uphill ski and back pain.



Exercises and Stretches

Simply put the video numbers into the search tool above or go to the video section for the full selection. 


Strength and Power: Videos 20-24 and 30-34

Avoid wall squats that encourage backwards weight transferal. Instead do squats on a half ball, split squats and step ups to work the quads and glutes. To train hip rotation do the ‘clam’ exercise lying on your side. When fit enough add jumping side to side off a step.


Core Stability: Videos 07-11, 01-04 and 16

Essential for balance and efficiency of powerful movements. Replace sit ups and crunches with deep abdominals and planking. Don’t forget to contract your pelvic floor and breath from the diaphragm – two essential components for performance and back pain prevention.


Proprioception: Videos 70-72

Proprioception, your body’s positional sense is essential for skiing, particularly in less than perfect conditions or off-piste to prevent falls and optimise performance. You need to work your balance with your eyes closed.


I hope you have found this useful, please get in touch if you have any comments or queries. For loads more advice, videos, exercises and more on our services please check out the rest of this website. To book now email info@octopusclinic.com or call 02075838288.

… and don’t forget to share with anyone you know who skis or snowboards.

Thanks! Lucy


Lucy Macdonald

Chartered Physiotherapist


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