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Eccentric calf strengthening

Please click here to read how the foot and ankle works and click here to read Achilles pain before reading the following.

Make sure you have your heel pain diagnosed properly by a physio, osteo or sport doctor to ensure that heel drops are appropriate. There are some types of tendon injury that may not respond or even might be aggravated by doing this exercise. If the pain came on suddenly you may have a tear, in which case DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING EXERCISE because it could make the injury worse.

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Eccentric calf strengthening exercise

  • Whilst holding onto a banister or wall, stand with your heels off the edge of a step.

  • With most of your weight on the non-painful leg go up onto the balls of your feet.

  • Shift the weight onto the affected leg and very slowly lower the heels down over the edge of the step. Shift the weight back to the good leg. Repeat 30 times with the knees straight and 30 times with the knees slightly bent each time transferring your weight onto the good leg on the way up and onto your bad leg on the way down.

  • Your Osteopath or Physiotherapist will then progress you to do the exercises with weights, then faster but you must not do this on your own.

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Please note that although the advice and exercises provided are designed to assist your recovery they are not a replacement for seeing a Physiotherapist or Osteopath. It is essential that you always make sure you see your Doctor, Osteopath or Chartered Physiotherapist beforehand to diagnose your injury and guide you through recovery.

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