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Sacroiliac Joint ‘SIJ’

Problems in the joint that joins your spine to your pelvis are still hotly debated in the physio, osteo and medical worlds. Strains can occur when the ligaments supporting the joint are loose (e.g. during pregnancy or with hypermobility) and we have seen many patients with SIJ pain following a fall, or a running injury or even simply sleeping awkwardly. The SIJ is an important shock absorbing structure, so stiffness can put load onto other structures that take over the shock absorbing load – e.g. the discs or certain joints in your lower limb. Symptoms may then be felt in the SIJ itself or in those other structures that are taking an abnormally increased load. SIJ treatment therefore is often addressed directly as the source of symptoms, or as part of treatment to a nearby structure.

Depending on whether the problem is that of “too much” or “too little” movement, treatment is directed at normalizing function, often by treating the surrounding joints and muscles to restore normal biomechanics. This is backed up with strengthening exercises and advice on posture, technique and even trainers to allow healing to occur

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