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Physio exercise videos for back and hip pain you can do sitting


Exercise while you work to treat your back and hip pain

If you have back and/or hip pain at the moment you are not alone. There are lots of people in less than ideal working set ups at the moment working from home and this is leading to lots of achy backs and hips. The best way to avoid this pain is to get up regularly and move, do exercises and make sure you are well supported in your chair. However, sometimes we do just need to sit down and work for long periods and this is where seated exercises come in handy.


The best seated exercises for back and hip pain

Make sure that you get any back or hip pain assessed and treated by a physiotherapist or osteopath before doing any of these exercises. We are doing all assessments and treatments by video link at the moment, please get in touch by email at reception@octopusclinic.com to find out more or call 02075838288.


1) Core work in sitting:
a) https://www.octopusclinic.com/videos/44-sitting-gym-ball-stability/
b) https://www.octopusclinic.com/videos/45-sitting-gym-ball-stability-leg-lifts/
2) Lower back mobility in sitting: https://www.octopusclinic.com/videos/46-sitting-gym-ball-pelvic-tilts/
3) Hip flexion in sitting: https://www.octopusclinic.com/videos/47-sitting-gym-ball-hip-flexion/
4) Chair twists: https://www.octopusclinic.com/videos/67-chair-exercises-twist-mobilisation-upper-back/


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