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Osteopathy for neck pain

Many people are unsure of the difference between physiotherapy and osteopathy and quite rightly so, because all the best physios and all the best osteopaths will treat your neck pain with a combination of hands-on techniques and the best stretches and exercises to relieve your neck pain.

As a physio, you may think I could be biased towards physiotherapy, but I have had the pleasure of working with the best osteopaths here at Octopus Clinic and I can assure you that I would not hesitate to recommend my friends and family to them. I will try and unpack why I think they are the best osteopaths in London.

  1. They have calm confidence and when they describe what the problem is and what they are going to do to solve the problem it makes total sense
  2. When they put their hands on they hit the right balance of being firm but not at all painful which immediately puts you at ease. They are often described as having ‘magic hands.’
  3. They give advice and self-management techniques so that you can maintain the improvements at home
  4. They give clear guidance on when things should be fully recovered
  5. They teach exercises to gain strength to reduce the risk of the problem recurring

If you would like to read osteopath David Canevero’s bio you can click here.

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I would love to hear your opinion on what makes the best osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor or sports therapist in the comments below.

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