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When should I get a second opinion from another physiotherapist? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


When should I get a second opinion?

If any of the following apply to you then it is worth getting a second opinion:

  1. They have told you that you can’t run the marathon. (Unless you have been diagnosed with a bone fracture, in which case you really can’t.)
  2. You have been told to rest and/or they don’t give you any indication of when you can return to running.
  3. They are just doing hands on treatment with you.
  4. The exercises they have given you are all lying down.
  5. You are not recovering as you would like, and/or you have had three sessions with no sustained significant improvement.
  6. They have not gone through your training programme and made improvements.


Still unsure?

If you are not sure whether to seek a second opinion then read the earlier section ‘How do I know if I am seeing the right Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor.’ 



Get in touch with Lucy and her physio team because you might be pleasantly surprised with what they can do for you. They are accustomed to getting people better who have had lots of unsuccessful treatment elsewhere, here are some more testimonials attesting to this:


‘Some kind of miracle worker. I went to see Lucy Macdonald earlier this year after struggling with plantar fascitis for several months; after four sessions I was running freely without pain. Her understanding of movement and injury seemed almost intuitive, and the treatment was at the same time minimalist and highly effective, and unlike any previous experience of physiotherapy I’ve had. I strongly recommend her. The video library on the Octopus website is also an excellent resource.’ A. Forey


‘I was in need of quick and effective help for severe back pain, and that is exactly what Anna was able to provide! Having had a variety of physios over the years, Anna was by far the most effective of linking cause and effect and coming up with clear solutions immediately. Anna’s practical and empathetic manner put me at ease and meant that I was able to understand clearly what the issue was and how easy it would be to fix. Since then, I’ve been able to get on with my day, completely pain free. Thank you Anna!’ T. Morrison


‘I had been struggling with a number of different running injuries for many months and had seen a number of physios prior to coming to the Octopus Clinic. I saw Joe Badham and he quickly identified the underlying issue causing my injuries and, following an intensive programme of exercises, within a month I was running again without problems. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t go to this clinic sooner. J. Graham


More marathon physio advice 

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