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What is carb loading? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


What is carb loading?

Carb loading refers to increasing your carbohydrate intake the day or evening before an endurance event like a marathon by eating a large bowl of pasta, for example. It used to be thought to help the build-up of energy stores in the muscles ready for the next day.


What can happen if I carb load?

However, if you eat a lot more carbohydrate than your body is used to the day before a marathon you can end up feeling heavy, congested and bloated on the day.


Should I carb load?

It is therefore advisable to make sure you are eating a steady amount of carbohydrates, found in foods like pasta, potatoes, bread and rice for the days and weeks before the marathon so that there is no need for you to increase your intake the day before.


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