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Top Five Training Exercises for Snowsports by Specialist Physiotherapist

Ever wanted to know the most effective and time efficient ways to train for skiing or snowboarding? Turns out wall squats and sit ups are NOT two of them. In fact, these two could have a negative impact. Specialist Physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald explains why and gives you her top five exercises for maximum impact on skiing and boarding performance.

Time and time again people are surprised by how quickly a handful of exercises can have a dramatic effect on technique and performance. So ditch your wall squats and sit ups and reap the benefits of these top five training exercises:

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Lucy Macdonald is a specialist in snow sports injuries and performance and lived in Val-d’Isere for four seasons where she set up PhysioVal. She has worked with BASI, trained ski instructors as well as treating members of the GB team and wrote and presented BodyTechSki DVD.



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