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Top five ski and snowboard exercises from specialist physio

Ever wanted to know the most effective and time efficient ways to train for skiing or snowboarding? In this second blog in the specialist ski physiotherapist blog series I will explain how. For more on how I developed the ski physio specialism see below.

In my last blog I laid bare five false pre-season training myths: ‘wall squats are the best way to work the legs for skiing’, ‘skiing will always make back pain worse’, ‘sit ups are the answer to training your core’, ‘you need to be really flexibility to ski,’ you need to be really fit to ski.’ Please scroll down or click here to learn more.

The five most efficient pre-season ski exercises for you to crack on with are found on the Sports Sister website but please note the advise is completely gender non-specific! It covers the following exercises:

Top five pre-season exercises:

1) Proprioception: standing on one leg with your eyes closed
2) Deep stability muscles of the lower back and pelvic AKA ‘core exercises’
3) Squats on a half ball with pelvic and knee alignment
4) Jumping on and off a step
5) Clams

Please click on this link: http://www.sportsister.com/2016/12/13/snowsports-top-five-training-exercises-by-specialist-physiotherapist/

I look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

Lucy Macdonald
Chartered Physiotherapist

‘More about Lucy Macdonald

Lucy developed a ski and snowboarding specialism working as a physiotherapist in the Alps. Here she treated the injuries of with amateur and professional skiers and developed this into physiotherapy for snowsports performance and injury prevention. She worked with ski trainers and coaches to transform skiers’ technique and performance. She wrote and presented the BodytechSki DVD clips of which you can see here on pelvic alignment when skiing and knee alignment when skiing.

She continues to treat injuries and carry out 1:1 ski and snow boarding physio assessments in London which have a 100% satisfaction rating for transforming ability and enjoyment on the mountain.

Contact her on 02075838288 or email lucy@octopusclinic.com

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