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Victoria Harrison

I suspect like many other people at the moment, I am working from home which has a number of challenges in that one moves less during the day, not doing the daily commute for one thing. In addition there is less social contact at the moment due to coronavirus and social distancing. Which is why I found a video-based session with Lucy, in order to be able to continue my treatment, so valuable. If the video based session was not available I do not think I would not have been able to carry on my recovery. I would recommend Lucy and her team extremely highly as practitioners. In addition, the video based session really felt as if I was in the same room as Lucy; you forget that it is via a link. I did not think it was possible prior to trying it to have such a successful ‘virtual’ physio session. Lucy was able to correct my exercises because she could see how I was doing them in real time all via the use of an iPad set up on the floor and against the side of the sofa! The other bonus was no travel time, so in fact less time away from my desk. I am confident that I will get to do my triathlon in September because my treatment has not been interrupted by Covid-19, as I am able to link in with Lucy and have my interactive (and physically challenging) physio session with the correct exercises that I can then do daily on my own.

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