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Jan Singleton

I can’t recommend Lucy highly enough and I hope this testimonial will save you the bother of hunting around for a decent physio… if you’ve come this far, then you’ve found one.

I’ve been working with Lucy for around 5months and in that time she’s performed miracles on my shoulder. I had a shoulder op a year ago and should have fully recovered 3-4months later. However, after 7 months of physio (not with Lucy) I wasn’t showing any decent signs of recovery, so I took the recommendation of a friend and moved over to working with Lucy – a decision I wished I had taken 7 months sooner.

Since then, Lucy has taken methodical, planned out approach to building my shoulder up again, breaking down scar tissue and re-building the bio mechanics of my shoulder. The most important part for me is that Lucy listened to what I wanted. She understood that I had the shoulder op in order to be able to play tennis to a high standard once again. And therefore understood that just rebuilding my shoulder so i could do ‘most things’ wasn’t good enough – I wanted to be able to serve, at speed, once again. She also got the measure of me pretty quickly and ensured that all my exercises were built around tennis movements – to ensure I stayed motivated and committed to my part of the bargain.

From day one, Lucy has given me the utmost confidence in her ability to ‘fix’ my shoulder and I’m delighted to say that she has!

She’s a lovely bubbly, fun person to work with, but scratch the surface and you’ll find the inner-geek that makes her so passionate about what she does and such an expert in her field.

If you have an injury like I had that is preventing you from doing a sport you’re passionnate about, don’t risk delaying your recovery with someone else. I’d highly recommend Lucy.

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