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Suffering from Persistent or Chronic Pain? Don’t Give Up.

Don’t give up, even if treatment, including physiotherapy or osteopathy, has failed elsewhere. Our testimonials show that our Specialist Physiotherapists and Osteopaths can successfully treat your pain even if it is chronic or persistent.


About Your Pain

Definition of Chronic Pain


The medical meaning of the term ‘chronic’ is ‘long term’ which is defined as anything from about 3 months or more. ‘Chronic pain’ is NOT the same as ‘incurable pain’ but unfortunately the terms are sometimes used synonymously.


What causes chronic pain?


The longer you have pain the more your brain becomes involved, so that after a few months there are established pain pathways independent of the original damage as well as other secondary consequences. It is no longer just a straight forward matter of damaged structure equals pain.


Treatment that works


Too many people are told that chronic pain is not treatable which is simply not true. However, the ‘quick fixes’ designed for acute pain will not work. Our testimonials prove that we can successfully your chronic pain, even if you have had lots of treatment elsewhere.


Treatment of Chronic Pain


How long does treatment last?


The longer you have had pain the longer it takes to get better. For example, if you have it for six months, treatment will last six to twelve months. After the first few weeks treatment sessions will be infrequent.


Baselines, goals and pacing


These are essential to make sure we focus on getting you back to doing the things you want to do and sets time frames to achieve your functional goals. Pacing and activity charts ensure you steadily return to activities and exercise.


Exercise and general conditioning.


Research shows that the sooner you can get back to regular exercise and you get your general fitness and strength back, the sooner your pain will reduce. Go to our website to get free exercise videos for you to do under your physio’s guidance.


Correct Your Posture and Movement

Your body’s structures are designed to share the forces you impose on them doing day to day activities and sport. If your body is moving incorrectly the forces will be excessive in some areas and less in others, causing pain. Physio analysis and correction of how your body is moving is therefore key.


Hands on treatment and acupuncture

Treatments like massage, joint manipulations and acupuncture can give you short term relief and able you to move more easily which is fundamental in reducing pain and returning to your normal activities and sports.


Staying Motivated to Achieve your Goals

Your physio will explain the importance of all the things he or she are asking you to do or not do which will enable you to stay motivated. Once you have made the commitment to follow your treatment plan you will then get great satisfaction from reaching milestones along the path to fully achieving your goals. 



I hope you have found this useful, please get in touch if you have any comments or queries. Check out out website for our video library of 87 videos including a category of chronic pain, advice or information on our services. Or to book now call 02075838288.

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Thanks! Lucy


Lucy Macdonald


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