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Put a name to a face – the Physiotherapists and Osteopaths of Octopus Clinic


The Octopus Clinic Team

Physiotherapist and Osteopath Specialisms

Don’t want to be in pain anymore? Want to make sure you are treated by the best physio or osteopath for your injury? Want to put a name to a face? These brief descriptions of our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths specialisms alongside their photos will enable you to do just that. For more details of their qualifications and experience please go to the team page on our website to read full biographies. You can use our handy ‘find a physio’ tick box system to find a Physiotherapist or Osteopath specialisms by sport, approach, qualifications and body area. To contact anyone below you can email info@octopusclinic.com and it will be forwarded to them or call 02075838288 and they will happily call you back.


Lucy Macdonald, Physiotherapist

Chronic, complex or persistent pain, second opinions

Long-term rehab including back, knee, hip and/or shoulder

Also, marathon runners and skiers


Hazel Mansfield, Osteopath

Back, neck, spinal

Complex pain and second opinions

High-stress individuals


Physiotherapist Hilary Wilson

Hilary Wilson, Physiotherapist

Amateur or professional athletes with hip, knee, foot, ankle or leg injury  

Busy women wanting to return to fitness or sport


osteopath andrew hudson

Andrew Hudson, Osteopath

Back, neck, spinal

Office workers who like to be active 


Michelle Lewis, Physiotherapist and Pilates

Low back, pelvic, hip or groin pain

High-level rehab, strength and conditioning for complex or long-standing conditions


Jemma Oliver, Physiotherapist

Hip, knee, ankle or leg acute injuries and post-op rehab

Return to sport, particularly running, skiing or team sports


 Joe Badham, Physiotherapist

Complex problems and second opinions

Overuse injuries including tendinopathies 

Knee or ankle ligament reconstructions

Anna Aydinc, Osteopath

Back, neck. spinal

Holistic approach including structural and visceral osteopathic techniques


Nicole Oh, Physiotherapist

Cycling specialist,

Lower limb rehab, endurance athletes


Laura Fidler, Physiotherapist

Triathletes and runners.

Post-op rehab

Hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder

Anthony Adesamni, Physiotherapist

Runners and ‘weekend warriors’

Upper and lower limb including shoulder, knee, hip, and ankle


Mark Leyland, Physiotherapist

Recurrent injuries and pain with multiple locations in the active population



Claudia Cocci Grifoni, Physiotherapist and Pilates

Gym or running injuries

Persistent or chronic pain

Patients wanting to regain physical confidence and general wellbeing

Marni Cochrane, Physiotherapist

Return to sport

Post-op recovery particularly ACL repairs

Women’s health


If you haven’t found who you are looking for please go to our team page on www.octopusclinic.com and use the useful tick box system to find our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths specialisms by sport, approach, qualifications or body area.  


Alternatively, simply email us at info@octopusclinic.com or give us a call on 02075838288 and we can point you in the right direction. 


We look forward to hearing from you, the Octopus Clinic Team

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