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Claudia Cocci-Grifoni

Chartered Physiotherapist

If you have a gym or running injury or you have persistent or chronic pain then Claudia’s thorough approach to sorting out biomechanical causes, addressing all elements of wellbeing and enabling physical confidence is what you need. You can read some of her advice and watch her in action doing some exercise videos in the links below too. In the meantime here is one of Claudia’s many five-star google reviews:

‘I had a number of sessions with Claudia for a shoulder complaint. Claudia is a fantastic therapist who spent a lot of time understanding my movement and posture and helped me to understand the cause of my pain and how to prevent a recurrence. Highly recommended.’

Claudia has a great passion for biomechanics and human movement, which she uses to alleviate pain and dysfunction. Her naturally analytical mind translates into excellent clinical reasoning, diagnosis, and treatment. She has a particular specialism in high-level sports rehabilitation and training, gait dysfunctions – in particular with runners, lower limb and pelvic injuries including groin pain and SIJ dysfunction.

Claudia graduated in 2006 in Italy with a BSc (Honours) in Physiotherapy then furthered her studies in Belgium. After being awarded a first class Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2008, Claudia moved to London.

Before finishing her studies she also qualified as a Clinical Pilates instructor and since then has been passionately teaching in Italy and the UK. Since living in the UK she has worked in several private clinics across London and has a loyal following of the rich and famous.

Claudia loves bringing her patients into an active role in order to achieve their goals and focus on making the best of their independence and function.

She also has a strong passion for sports and nutrition, which she uses to optimize her patients’ recovery. Her main hobbies include art of all descriptions, yoga, cycling, and surfing whenever she can escape to a hot country.

Physio kettlebell exercise video for back pain, strength and mobility

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Video physio exercise for back pain, strengthening glutes and core using kettle bells

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Did you know?

Claudia loves riding bikes with no brakes!

Claudia has a great passion for art.

Claudia is fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish.

Claudia is the only Italian who doesn’t like pasta!

Claudia wants to be an explorer when she grows up.

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