Prevent and Treat Shoulder Pain: Free Physio Advice and Exercise Videos


Get rid of your shoulder pain with exercises and advice from our Shoulder Specialist Physiotherapist, even if treatment has failed elsewhere. 



Free Online Physio Exercise Videos

If you have shoulder pain these videos are for you. Our Specialist Physiotherapist will guide you through exercises to prevent and treat shoulder pain. The videos include exercises you can do at your desk, at home or in the gym as well as sports-specific exercises. Simply put the video numbers into the search tool above or go to the videos section of this website for the full 87 video library. 


Your Diagnosis

Special questions and hands on testing tell us what is causing your pain and how it can be treated. Our website gives information on common shoulder problems including shoulder impingement, clicking shoulders, rotator cuff tears, ACJ injuries and arthritis.


Hands-On Immediate Relief

We will use our hands to get rid of your pain quickly and thoroughly using techniques like massage, joint manipulation and mobilisation, acupuncture and taping.



Achieve Your Long-Term goals

Modification, not cessation, of activities or sport, along with goal-specific exercises, are the keys to fast, safe recovery. For example, if you have pain when swimming, do overhead exercises – videos 18 and 18.2, if it is when using the mouse, do exercises with the arm by the side – videos 12 and 13.


Movement correction and Exercises

Improve the way the shoulder moves so that excessive forces do not go through the wrong structures, causing damage. Even in the presence of severe structural damage, shoulders can adapt and function right up to elite sports level with the right exercises.


Shoulder Posture

The classic ‘shoulders back and down’ advice can cause more shoulder pain that relief. Make sure the upper border of your shoulder is concave not convex by lifting your shoulders up, then back, then slightly down. Practice maintaining this whether sitting at your desk or working out – videos 12 and 13.



Exercises and Stretches

Simply put the video numbers into the search tool above or go to the videos section of this website for the full 87 video library. 


Upper Back Stretch

A stiff thoracic spine can cause shoulder pain. Sitting up straight turn your body and reach around to hold the back of the chair. Keep your feet on the floor and pull yourself gently around to slowly rotate your upper back. Make sure it is completely pain free. Repeat x 10 in both directions. Video 67.


Core Strength

Abdominal strength is important for shoulder function. Start with deep core muscle work like in videos 07-10 and 01-04 and build up to planking – video 16.  


Neck Posture

The neck can refer pain to the shoulder region. Make sure your neck posture is right by using video 66 and keep it stretched out by using exercise video 69. Lean back into your chair, elongate the back of the neck and keep the chin tucked in.


I hope you have found this useful, please get in touch if you have any comments or queries. For loads more advice, videos, exercises and more on our services please check out the rest of this website. To book now email or call 02075838288.

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Thanks! Lucy


Lucy Macdonald

Chartered Physiotherapist

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