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Prevent and Treat Hip and Groin Pain: Physio Advice and Exercise Videos


Get rid of your hip and groin pain with exercises and advice from our hip and groin Specialist Physiotherapist, even if treatment has failed elsewhere. 


Free Online Physio Exercise Videos

If you have hip or groin pain these videos are for you. Our Specialist Physiotherapist will guide you through exercises to prevent and treat hip and groin pain. The videos include exercises you can do at your desk, at home or in the gym as well as sports-specific exercises. Simply insert the numbers of the suggested videos below or go to the videos section of the website for the full selection.


Your Diagnosis

Special questions and hands on testing tell us what is causing your pain and how it can be treated. Our website gives information on common hip and groin problems including hip impingement, bursitis, hamstring and gluteal tendinopathies, FAI, clicking hips and arthritis.


Hands-On Immediate Pain Relief

We will use our hands to get rid of your pain quickly and thoroughly using techniques like massage, joint manipulation and mobilisation, acupuncture and taping.



Achieve Your Long-Term Goals

Modification, not cessation, of activities or sport, along with goal specific exercises, are the keys to fast, safe recovery. For example, squatting with no deeper than eighty degrees hip flexion and with the right alignment – videos 21 and 22.


Correct Your Movement

Improve the way the hips and pelvis move so that excessive forces do not go through the wrong structures, causing damage. Even in the presence of structural damage hips can adapt and function right up to elite sports level with the right exercises.


Improve Walking and Running

Often making subtle changes to the way that you are walking or running can reduce hip or groin pain. Try slightly widening your stance width and slightly flexing from the hip joints. Practice video 06 to train this movement and actively lengthen hamstrings.




Exercises and Stretches

For the videos simply insert the suggested numbers into the search tool above or go to the videos section of the website for the full selection. 


Hip Posture

The classic ‘tuck your tail bone under’ advice can cause hip and groin pain. Make sure you maintain the lower lumbar curve to keep the front of the hips soft and enable the lateral gluteal muscles to work. Don’t let your hips move forwards into a ‘sway back’ posture. Check out video 73. 


Train Core Strength

Strengthening the muscles that control your pelvis has a direct effect on hip and groin pain but it essential that you do it right or the pain can get worse. Start with deep core muscle work like in videos 7-10 and 01-04 and build up to planking – video 16.  


Hip Stability

‘Bridging’ and ‘clam’ exercises designed to strengthen gluteals can make hip and groin pain worse if done incorrectly. Instead train the hip muscles in standing – using exercise videos 37, 38 and 39. However, you may need to train the muscles standing on both legs first – video 20. 


I hope you have found this useful, please get in touch if you have any comments or queries. Check out our website for our video library of 87 videos including a category of hip and groin pain, advice or information on our services. Or to book now call 02075838288.

… and don’t forget to share with anyone you know who has hip or groin pain.

Thanks! Lucy


Lucy Macdonald


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