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Prevent and Treat Your Back Pain (and Sciatica.) Free Physio Advice and Exercise Videos

Get rid of your back pain or sciatica with advice from our Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist and Osteopath, even if treatment has failed elsewhere.


Free Online Physio Exercise Videos (click here)

If you have back pain or sciatica these videos are for you. Our Specialist Physiotherapist will guide you through exercises to prevent and treat back pain and sciatica. The videos include exercises you can do at your desk, at home or in the gym as well as sports-specific exercises. Simply put the suggested exercise video numbers into this website’s search tool or go to the videos section. 


Your Diagnosis

Special questions and hands on testing tell us what is causing your pain and how it can be treated. Our website gives information on common problems with the spinal discs and joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons as well as referred pain. Nerves, like the sciatic nerve, come out of the back and can send pain down the leg causing ‘sciatica.’


Established or ‘chronic’ pain


The longer you have pain the more your brain becomes involved, so that after a few months of pain there are established pain pathways independent of the original damage. Our website gives lots of information on the common causes of back pain and chronic pain.




Hands-On Immediate Relief

We will use our hands to get rid of your pain quickly and thoroughly using techniques like massage, joint manipulation and mobilisation, acupuncture and taping. Keep moving as much as you can, alternate warm and cool packs and avoid sitting or lying slumped.



Research is conclusive that this the best way to treat and prevent back pain. Build-up in small increments and pace yourself in ALL aggravating activities. Getting your heart and lungs pumping has multiple benefits including endorphins and increased circulation.


Correct Your Movement

You need to improve the way your back moves so that excessive forces do not go through the wrong structures, causing damage. Analysis and correction of how your back is moving is therefore key, whether sitting at a desk – see video 43 – or going for a run – see video 05.



Exercises and stretches

Simply put the video numbers into this website’s search tool


Pelvic floor and deep abdominals: videos 7-10 and 1-4.


These muscles support your lower back and pelvis. Put one hand on your upper abdomen and focus on breathing gently from here. Put the other hand on your lower abdomen. Gently switch on the muscles that stop you opening your bladder and bowels. Maintain your lower back curve throughout. Progress by adding arm and leg movements.   


Chair twist: video 67


A stiff upper back is a common cause of back pain. Sitting up straight, turn your body and reach around to hold the back of the chair. Keep your feet on the floor and pull yourself gently around to slowly rotate your upper back. Make sure it is completely pain free. Repeat x 10 in both directions.


Pelvic tilts in sitting: video 46


Shuffle forwards to give yourself space. Create a concavity in your lower back by tipping your pelvis forwards and then flatten and round your back the other way by tucking your tail bone under. Repeat x 10.


I hope you have found this useful, please get in touch if you have any comments or queries. Check out out website for more videos, advice or information on our services. Or to book now call 02075838288.

… and don’t forget to share with anyone you know who has back pain or sciatica or wants to prevent them.

Thanks! Lucy


Lucy Macdonald


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