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Prevent ski and snowboarding injuries

How to reduce the risk of skiing injuries

Please read ‘skiing and snowboarding‘ before reading the following tips on how to prevent falling and sustain an injury. Please also don’t miss our tips on improving technique and preventing pain when skiing and snowboarding.

a) Only ski when you are feeling good The boring common sense stuff really is the key to preventing falls which result in nasty injuries like ACL/MCL ruptures, meniscal tears and worse!Time and time again people come hobbling in to see us, their holiday ruined by a nasty injury with the following stories… I was a BIT TIPSY after lunch and…. I was HUNGOVER/TIRED/ILL/DEHYDRATED/IN PAIN and…. I was trying to keep up SKIING WITH MY FRIENDS WHO ARE BETTER SKIIERS THAN ME and …. I decided to do JUST ONE MORE RUN and…… Please take heed and only ski when you are physically and mentally feeling great!

b) Warm up and down and keep warm In addition to all of this make sure you warm up with dynamic stretches and movements, and cool down with static stretches. Never do static stretches before you ski. Please click here for more information on stretching. Don’t let your body get cold- there are plenty of places you can stop and warm up with a hot chocolate!

c) Ski with confidence Ski confidently and in a relaxed way (not arrogantly with your ego!) and remember to look out for other skiers both below and AND ABOVE. Then just relax and enjoy!

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