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Osteopath or Physiotherapist?

Osteopaths click your joints and physiotherapists give exercises and sports massage… right?!

Whilst this may be true of some osteopaths and physiotherapists we are proud to say this is not the case of the physios and osteopaths at Octopus Clinic Blackfriars! That’s because each individual osteopath or physiotherapist incorporates whatever joint manipulations, exercise and massage techniques necessary (combined with acupuncture, taping and many other techniques) to provide the most effective treatments for your back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, post-op rehab or sports injury.

Take our fabulous osteopath David Canevaro, he’s not only brilliant at all the classic osteopathy techniques but he’s also trained in Pilates, chiropractics, sports massage and more! That’s probably why he’s so popular with his clients.

Or you’ve got our highly experienced physiotherapist Ian Repton who has worked with the South African Cricket Team and therefore knows the importance of getting people back to full performance quickly and efficiently with accurate diagnostics and targeted hands on techniques supported by stretches and exercises.

Every member of our team has a specialism, Marni Cochrane with her women’s health and sports specialism, Lucy Macdonald with her chronic pain specialism, Anthony Adesamni with his running specialism and Claudia Cocci Grifoni with her online health and exercise coaching. We are proud to come from our different backgrounds of physiotherapy and osteopathy but far prouder of our consistently excellent reviews, of both our physiotherapists and osteopaths.

If you’d like to discuss who would be the best person to treat your pain or injury please call us now on 02075838288 or out of hours 07769653715.

We look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,

The Octopus Clinic Team

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