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Octopus Clinic Work Wellbeing Workshops: Work hard, be healthy

Strengthen teams, retain staff and reduce sick days with live video workshops, exercise videos, written information and audio recordings, delivered by highly regarded Specialist Physiotherapist representing excellent value for money

Do any of these statements apply to you or your team?

  1. I want to be healthy and productive at work
  2. I want new ideas on how to work, move, self-massage, breathe and eat to feel good
  3. I want to create positive habits using simple techniques that I can implement easily to improve my physical and mental wellbeing


Do you want to strengthen teams, retain staff and reduce sick days?

Octopus Clinic Work Wellbeing Programme achieves all these things as you can see from the testimonials below. As we are a small independent company, we can keep costs down to an absolute minimum and therefore represent excellent value for money. They are run by highly reputable and established Chartered Physiotherapists who specialise in delivering bespoke wellbeing programmes to corporate teams. 


What is Achieved in the Work Wellbeing Workshop Package?

  • An ability to do adjust your workstation and sitting position carried out within the workshop either at home or in the office. These skills are backed up with videos and written information so that these DIY work-station assessments can be replicated in different locations. Our highly experienced physiotherapists deliver the latest DSE advice and up to date evidence-based health and wellbeing research in a meaningful and practical way. This is the most cost-effective way of complying with DSE regulations as well as saving money from absenteeism and boosting staff morale.
  • An understanding of why movement prevents and alleviates pain, stiffness and stress as well as improving wellbeing and productivity.
  • Mini workouts to experience first hand these benefits.
  • Stress management techniques and an understanding of how to establish positive health habits
  • All workshops are followed up with video recordings and written information so that the skills and knowledge can be continued to be applied


What is included in the Work Wellbeing Workshop Package?

  1. Your initial consultation. This enables us to tailor the program to your goals.  
  2. Three one-hour workshops by Zoom or Microsoft teams that can be carried out at home or in the office. These consist of carefully selected practical techniques and exercises explained in-depth buy in a way that is easy to apply to the working day.
  3. A follow-up package consisting of written information, exercise videos, and audio recordings so that all the information learned can be revisited time and time again.

The total value of all components of the programme comes to £865 but bought together we are offering a significant discount bringing down the total to £779. This includes the initial consultation, all three workshops, and the follow-up information, videos, and audio recordings.


Client feedback

Our clients include businesses, charities and the public sector. Here is some of their feedback…

“I liked the new ideas that are different from the same old stuff most of us have heard before”

“I have already changed things for the better”

“It has been great to learn about health in more depth, it has been so useful to understand my body after all these years”

“Useful to know how to put things into practice”

“They were so supportive”

“I now have a clear idea of my health goals”

“They were amazing at presenting complicated things in a way that makes them easy to understand”


Next steps…

Please email reception@octopusclinic.com with the times that would suit you for your initial consultation we can get you booked in.

We look forward to speaking to you and taking that first step towards making you and your team happier, healthier and more productive.


Lucy Macdonald and the Octopus Clinic Team

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