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Why we love treating shoulders

1) They get better even if physio and osteopathy treatment has failed elsewhere.
2) It is all about observation and correction of movement patterns which keeps the physiotherapist’s brain and hands busy.
3) Research shows that in most cases scans and surgery are a waste of time and intensive physiotherapy is the answer.
4) As a physiotherapist you have to be constantly reassessing and applying clinical reasoning to achieve 100% return to pain free activities so they keep you on your toes.
5) You don’t need to get caught up in exactly which structure is damaged. Recent research shows that the shoulder anatomy is intertwined so it is impossible to identify specific structures (like specific tendons, rotator cuff muscles, bursae etc) even with combined clinical tests and/or MRIs and ultrasound scans.
6) You get to do some great creative physio stuff with tennis rackets, door handles, nets, bands, resistance sticks and balls to make sure the shoulder is worked through the range and power required for the particular individual.
7) Treatment involves looking at the whole body – normally making sure gluts (buttocks) and abdominals are being activated to give power to the shoulder movements.

So if you have a shoulder problem please let us enjoy treating you!

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