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Get fit while you sit! Our Physiotherapist speaks to the Daily Mail


Is sitting bad for you?

As Physiotherapists we get very frustrated with the fact that most people thing the answer to this is yes. Sitting gets a bad rap because it is done too much. Sitting in itself is not bad for the body. Sitting is only a problem if you do it for too long. In fact if you hold any position for too long it is not good for you. Our bodies like to move. Movement is good for every bit of our body including our hearts, lungs, joints, muscles, tendons and brains.



Why does it hurt when I sit for too long?

Sitting, or not moving from any one position for too long reduces circulation, limits the lubrication of the joints, makes the muscles weaker, makes tendons less resilient, reduces the ability of the heart to pump blood around the body, reduces the oxygenation of the brain and all sorts of other effects that ultimately can make you feel stiff, achy, tired, lethargic, unhealthy, stressed, unproductive and unhappy.   


What should I be doing?

Moving! It doesn’t matter how you move as long as you move often. This article in the Daily Mail in which Lucy Macdonald, one of our Physiotherapists, gives her expert opinion, outlines some of the exercises you can do at your desk or at home. Her three favorites are as follows, you can click on the links to watch her how to do them in free exercise videos:

  1. Sit to stand to tip toes – basically a squat and a heel raise using the humble chair instead of any fancy gym equipment!
  2. Chair twists for stretching the upper back and neck.
  3. Pelvic tilts in sitting or rocking your bum forwards and backwards to mobilise your lower back, pelvis and hips .



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