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A note on static stretching v dynamic stretching

I bet you can’t remember the last time you saw elite athletes doing a static stretches pitch-, track- or court side pre-performance. That is because research now shows that static stretching is not advisable before exercise. This is because it slows down the muscles ability to contract, which isn’t ideal just before you need them to contract suddenly and with force. Late or slowed muscle contraction reduces your performance and increases your risk of injury.

It has also been shown that static stretching can make tendon problems (tendinitis or tendinopathies) worse long term, NOT better. 

So, don’t be tempted to follow the old-school pattern of warm-up, static stretch, exercise… and instead, go for dynamic stretching and don’t be tempted to stretch mid exercise, it might feel good at the time but it wont help you in the long term. 

Our videos section provides a library of static and dynamic stretches so please do check them out.

To watch our videos, please click here.
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Please note that although the advice and exercises provided are designed to assist your recovery they are not a replacement for seeing a Physiotherapist or Osteopath. It is essential that you always make sure you see your Doctor, Osteopath or Chartered Physiotherapist beforehand to diagnose your injury and guide you through recovery.

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