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Post-Operative Neck

Please read how the neck works before reading the following.

The complexity of the neck, the amount we use it for day-to-day activities, the degree of strain we put it through during training and sports, and the fact that we often use it inefficiently through poor posture and insufficiently strong deep stability muscles, all this can lead to many different conditions, some of which might ultimately require surgery.

We work closely with Orthopaedic Consultants to ensure that patients make the most of their surgery, achieve their goals and recover fully.

There is a fine balance between ensuring you rest, avoiding certain movements or positions to prevent damage to vulnerable structures and simultaneously ensuring the correct movements are made at the right time to prevent contractures, secondary complications and sub-optimal recovery. We have extensive years experience working with specialist spinal surgeons and therefore know exactly where this balance lies and will confidently lead you on your path to full recovery.There are so many questions that people quite rightly have pre and post op – for example: how long do I have to take off work; when can I drive; what position should I sleep in; should I use ice or heat; when can I go for a run; can I play rugby again?; and many more. We will work closely with your surgeon to make sure these questions are answered clearly and thoroughly. Ultimately with us you are in the right hands to achieve your post-op goal – whether it is to be able to lift your children, sit at your desk at work, go for a run, play rugby or win Gold for Team GB powerlifting!

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