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Plantar Fascitis (pain sole of foot)

Please read how the foot and ankle work before reading the following.

If the sole of your foot is tender to touch, particularly under the heel, and the pain came on gradually, you may have plantar fasciitis.It is often more painful first thing in the morning and can become very severe the longer you are on your feet.

Plantar-fascitis is damage and inflammation of the plantar-fascia – a thick band of tissue that extends from your heel to your toes and works as a shock absorber.

It is often caused by a combination of an increase in training, weight gain, inadequate footwear, poor biomechanics (for example weak and tight calf muscles), and inefficient technique caused by weaknesses further up the kinetic chain (for example weak hip muscles and poor foot posture).

The latter can be treated with insoles and foot specific exercises, but all other components need to be considered for recovery to be possible. Injections are often used in very chronic conditions, but there is a lot of debate about how effective or beneficial these are.

Please click here for an exercise that can give short term relief to plantar fascitis.

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