Skiers and Snowboarders: How to Get Fit for the Slopes


Our specialist ski and snowboarding physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald has written an article published in the Telegraph about the best exercises and training foe skiing and snowboarding including alignment, stretching, strength, biomechanics, knee position, body posture, power and technique. Videos guide you through exactly how to do the exercises to ensure you are training efficiently.


five training exercises skiing


Lucy Macdonald is a Physiotherapist with a specialism in snow-sports. She treats injuries and pain as well as offering one to one consultations and tailored programmes for enhancing performance and preventing injury. She practiced in Val d’ Isère, France, for four seasons and works with all levels of skier and snowboarder from novice to pro. Get in touch now to book an appointment or find out more: 02075838288.

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