Octopus Clinic Club Membership: Pay monthly for maximum discounts and additional benefits


More than 25% discount on packages that will keep you pain-free and healthy all year round

We know how important it is for people to stay physically and mentally fit even more than ever so we have launched two affordable membership packages to enable just this, without breaking the bank. There is one for individuals and another for groups of twenty people or more. 


Octopus Clinic Individual Membership


  1. Sixteen sessions of physiotherapy, osteopathy or massage per year either face to face or by video link
  2. Access to free 1:1 email advice
  3. 25% off additional physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions after the 16 sessions have been used
  4. 10% off all services for your friends and family

All of this for just £74 a month (minimum 12 months)


Octopus Clinic Club Membership (minimum 20 people)


  1. Three sessions of physio/osteopathy per person per year either face to face or by video link
  2. Six group video-based exercise and wellbeing workshops led by clinical specialist physio
  3. Access to free 1:1 email advice with Clinical Lead Physiotherapist
  4. 25% off additional sessions after the 6 sessions per person have been used
  5. 10% off all services for friends and family

All of this for just £19 per person per month (min. 12 months)


Further Information

To sign up and book now please email Cathy Williams at reception@octopusclinic.com. To discuss the packages further please call Octopus Clinic Director and Clinical Lead Lucy Macdonald on 07769653715.

We look forward to welcoming you on board. 


Testimonials from the workshops


You can read more about the group workshops here: video-based exercise and wellbeing workshops.

For full testimonials on our physiotherapists and osteopaths please go to google maps or our Facebook page @OctopusClinic. 

“I liked the new ideas that are different to the same old stuff most of us have heard before”

“I have already changed things for the better”

“It has been great to learn about health in more depth, it has been so useful to understand my body after all these years”

“Useful to know how to put things into practice”

“So supportive”

“I now have a clear idea of my health goals”

“Amazing presenting complicated things in a way that makes them easy to understand”

” It was a pleasure joining the DSE,WFH Wellbeing Workshops and pilates classes.”
“Very experienced and creates great content for body, soul and mind.”
“An amazing Pilates teacher and physiotherapist.”
“Both the group classes and single sessions are very good. She explains everything well, suggests good excersises and has a lovely personality.”

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