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Christmas Elf and Fitness Advice from The Octopus Clinic Team


Want to stay healthy this Christmas?

We have put together these top three tips to keep you healthy during the festive period.

We would also like to reassure you that we remain open for face to face and virtual consultations even in Tier 4, as per government guidelines. You can book now at reception@octopusclinic.com.


1) Put your mental health first

Over the last few weeks, I have been hit by the fact that the majority of us are struggling in some way. If you are feeling exhausted/stressed and or demotivated, you are not alone, it is completely normal after such an intense year. It is therefore a good idea for us all to check in with a loved one and if you think you may need extra support, your GP. If you are struggling and are not sure who to turn to you can call the Samaritans for free from any phone, anytime on 116 123. 

On the positive side, this year, even more than ever before, I have witnessed in my patients how powerful even ten minutes of mindfulness or meditation can be. This video sums up all the other things you can do to optimise your mental health


2) We Like to Move it Move it!

Movement could well be The Holy Grail! So walk, run, exercise or dance, but whatever you do, move. It reduces your risk of a multitude of life-limiting illnesses as well as pain and injury.

So, if you are thinking of returning to running during the festive season you can follow this handy guide to return to running, and if you would like a series of exercises designed for runners but suitable for everyone wanting to stay fit at home, click here.

Or, if you would rather have exercises you can do sitting at your desk/sofa/armchair you can click here!


3) Covid Advice and Exercises

If you, friends, or family are experiencing Covid, learning to breathe correctly can help recovery – you can learn all the correct breathing techniques and positions in this video. There is also a playlist for anyone with Long Covid.


More Sources of Free Advice and Exercises

In case you missed them, these were our most popular videos of 2020 apart from the Covid related ones: the pillow trick video, the pain at the base of the skull video, and the knee clicking video. We are glad they have been helpful for so many people.

Our YouTube channel has playlists for everything from back pain to knee injuries and our website has over 100 physio exercise videos. Please do make the most of them.

If you, friends, or family would like free advice on injuries, pain, or fitness Friday Physio Live Q&A will be back on Octopus Clinic Facebook and Instagram pages on Friday 7th January 202 at 130pm. In the meantime, you can always email us at reception@octopusclinic.com.

We will remain open over the festive period but if we don’t see you before, we would like to wish you a restful Christmas and a very happy New Year.


Lucy Macdonald and the Octopus Clinic Team



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