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When should I go back to running after being injured? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


Should I stop running if I am injured?

Lucy and her physio team will go out of their way not to stop you running, they will probably just modify how you are doing it. If they absolutely must stop you then they will advise you on how to replace your running training with other forms of exercise that reflect the cardiovascular intensity and physical demands of running.


Can I return to running if I am not pain free in other aspects of my life?

It is often possible to return to running or continue running even if you are not completely pain free in all other aspects of your life. For example, you might have pain going up and down stairs but, with the right technique and modifications, it might be safe to return to running.


What should I do when I return to running?

When returning to running the best way of doing it is using intervals. These should be done at your normal comfortable pace, not slower or faster. Your physio should advise you what intervals would be best for you and how to build them up.


Need advice personal to you?

Get in touch with Lucy and her physio team if you would like advice on whether you should be taking a break from running, how you can modify your running so that you can continue to some extent and/or if you have had a break what the best way would be for you to get back to it. The sooner you can get back to running the better so don’t leave it.


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