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What injuries can I run through and which ones should I get checked out? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


Which injuries can I carry on running through?

If you experience pain while you are running it is OK to continue to run only if the following apply:

  1. The pain does not get worse as you continue to run.
  2. The pain stays below 3/10 in severity on a scale where 10 is the worse pain you could imagine and 0 is nothing.
  3. The pain resolves fully within 2-3 hours of stopping running and does not return.
  4. You don’t feel the pain doing any other day to day activities or at night.
  5. There are no other symptoms like swelling, redness, pins and needles, fatigue or weakness.


What should I do if my injury does not comply with these rules?

If any of these things do not apply, the pain could be indicating an injury that might get worse or even cause severe problems if you continue to run. Therefore, you absolutely must see a specialist running physio to get a diagnosis. Please get in touch with Lucy and her physio team now for advice and reassurance.


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