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We have almost one hundred physio exercise and advice videos on this website and they are currently completely free. Along with the rest of the information on this website we created them to empower our patients, raise standards and expectations.

We have grouped the physio exercises into useful categories and given advice on how they should be carried out. Alternatively your physio may have given you the name or number of the exercises that they would like you to do so please just insert the word or number into the search tool in the navigation bar (little picture of a magnifying glass.) Remember to write a zero before single digit numbers. Please get in touch if you would like a full list of the physio videos and links. 

The physio exercise videos are designed to be done in the order advised in the text in each section and under the guidance of your Physiotherapist or Osteopath. They should only be carried out if they are completely pain free. If you have any medical conditions please check with your doctor before carrying out any of the physio exercises.

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For free videos, up to date news or special offers, subscribe now!

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