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Maxine Chadderton

I suffered for almost a year with Achillies problems.. saw physios, podiatrist, osteopaths, soft tissue therapists and had shock therapy.. none of them collectively resolved my issues.
By chance I saw a video posted by Lucy which really resonated with me. The first tip was ‘do not stretch a tendon’.. when in fact, everyone else I saw said the opposite. I contacted her and asked why she was different!
Lucy was confident she could fix me, and all my treatment was over WhatsApp, I didn’t even have to go into clinic. It seemed crazy but by this point I had nothing to lose.. I had maybe 4 sessions with her. The first was an hour where she looked at my posture, history, had me doing some movements etc. so she could look for imbalances. She gave me very basic treatment plans, and I could message her any queries that I had. We checked in maybe once a month and within a few weeks I was comfortable running and more importantly for me, I felt confident I wasn’t going to do any more damage. Lucy listens, gives solid advice and manageable exercises. I am back running and in full training for the London Marathon. I honestly can’t recommend Lucy enough.

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