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Conor Claxton

I was referred to the Octopus Clinic by a knee specialist who recommended some good physio in order to try to improve the biomechanics of both knees. The specialist said that he hoped that the Octopus Clinic would be convenient because he really rated the guys there. I was suffering pain in both knees due to thinning of cartilage at the back on both patellae and also due some inflammation of the fibrous tissue in my left knee. I have been to see Rebecca a number of times now and she has made a huge difference already to my knee pain. She has made me focus a lot more on form and the positioning of my knee when performing routine exercises in the gym. She has also made me work on improving the stability of my knee to help activate certain muscles which had been neglected. The clinic is very accessible and all the staff I have met have been exceptionally friendly. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone looking for help with any type of injury.

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