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Suffering from shoulder pain? Ian Repton is your man.

Ian Repton has over twenty years of experience treating shoulders including when he was the physiotherapist for the South African cricket team, so it is fair to say that he really knows his stuff. Here is a recent review from a happy customer:

‘…Ian has been magnificent… He really knows what he’s doing and exactly where the pain is and used the correct pressure during our physio sessions. (Before seeing him) I wasn’t even able to lift above my shoulder for months without the pain stopping me but finally, I can lift halfway without screaming in pain and this is just after 3 sessions … thanks a lot Ian, I look forward to the end of our therapy and am confident you will heal me…’

Email reception@octopusclinic.com to book in with him now or call 02075838288

And if you would like some DIY tips in the meantime, check out the video below:

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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