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Should you worry about your clicking joints? What is causing the noise and what can you do about it?


Our Physiotherapist gives you the answers you need in Women’s Health Magazine

As Physiotherapists and Osteopaths this is one of the most common questions we get asked.

Are you one of the many people who worry that your creaky joints are a sign of arthritis or that when your joints pop and click they are telling you something is damaged or not on the right place? If you would like to know if these things are true or false, what is the cause of your noisy joints and if you should do anything about them then please read on because you may be pleasantly surprised by the answers. 

You can either click on the link to read an article in Women’s Health Magazine by our Physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald or read the blog she has written on our website called ‘Click Clunk Grind What Does it Mean when Joints Talk?.’ 


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