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Should I run the marathon if I am injured? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


Can I run the marathon if I am injured?

The most important thing is for you to understand the short, and long-term risks of running on your injury.


What are the risks?

It might be that there are long-term risks that you are not aware exist. For example, if you run on some types of stress fractures there is a chance of hospitalisation and potentially fatal illness due to the risk of travelling blood clots, called embolisms. Or if you run on some forms of cartilage damage it could shorten the lifespan of your joints and therefore reduce some of the sports or activities you might otherwise be able to do later in your life.

However, yours might be the sort of injury that is just going to cause you pain but, if you can bear to run through it, won’t give you any long-term damage.


Get in touch

In order to understand the risks, get in touch with Lucy and her physio team and you can then make an informed decision. Here’s some inspiration in the meantime:

Just 10 days before the London Marathon I managed to pick up a knee injury by twisting my lateral meniscus. It was so painful, and I couldn’t walk for 5 days. I managed to get an appointment with Joe Badham at the Octopus Clinic. After 2 appointments with some treatment and getting my confidence back I was able to do the Marathon! Joe was amazing and so friendly and gave me the belief that I could do it. My knee has recovered fantastically, and I really can’t thank him enough and I would definitely recommend this physio practice (and Joe!) to everyone. Claire, London Marathon runner


Thank you so so much to Claudia who helped me two weeks before my first marathon when I had discomfort above the knee and had no idea what it was – and was in a bit of a panic. Felt completely reassured by Claudia who got me doing some exercises and made me realise the importance of biomechanics. Really wish I’d had an assessment sooner and done more strength and conditioning. I would definitely recommend Octopus Clinic. Mel P


I injured my knee while training for the London marathon, 4 weeks before the big day. I assumed that I would have to drop out, but a series of intensive sessions ensured that I ran the marathon without any problems. She got to the root of the problem quickly, applied expert treatment and gave fantastic advice. On top of this, her approach is bright, efficient and cheerful.’ R Allen


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