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Running tunes

Here’s a bit of fun from Octopus’ favourite running tunes. Please feel free to email us your additions!

You are a runner (Manfred Manns Earth Band) born free (Mia) with the eye of the tiger (Survivor) and ready to run (Dixie Chicks.)

You are crazy in love (Beyonce) with running and long may you run (Neil Young) whether you are born to run (Dixie Chicks) and followed by paparazzi (Lady Gaga) or just running on faith (Eric Clapton.)

You want to run, run, run (Velvet Underground.)

You just have to move your feet (Junior Senior) don’t stop the music (Rihanna) and run like hell (Pink Floyd) run (Air, Collective Soul) as if runnin, dying to live (2PAC.)

So come on, this is gonna make you sweat (C+C Music Factory) run devil run (Kesha) there ain’t no stopping us now (Mc Fadden and Whitehead.)… but remember not to be always on the run (Lenny Kravitz) don’t let your feet runaway (Jefferson starship) with you or you will end up running down a dream (Tom Petty,) running with the devil (Van Halen) living on a prayer (Bon Jovi) and finally running on empty (Jackson Browne) until tick tick tick tick boom (The Hives) you exhaust yourself, like a firework (Katy Perry) fizzling out.

Remember to ask yourself, are you human (Killers) and rest up, because this keeps you runnin (Doobie Brothers) so you can avoid the run-around-blues and finally make the distance (Cake) of the long run (Eagles) and you’ll be walking on sunshine (Katrina and the Waves.)

And if you are suffering from the loneliness of the long distance runner (Iron Maiden) don’t ever think you have no one to run with (Allman Brothers) whether you are roadrunner (The Who) or want to run to the hills (Iron Maiden.)

Look on the Brightside (Killers) here is always someone who will run to you (Bryan Adams) and we can run (Grateful Dead) together, so don’t stop believing (Glee) let’s get this started (Black Eyed Peas) and run baby run (Sheryl Crow).

You are gonna go far kid (Offspring.)At the final countdown (Europe) that PB – you’ll beat it (Michael Jackson.)

You’ll be ready then to rock and roll (Led Zeppelin) jump around (House of Pain) play that funky music (Wild Cherry) raise a glass and get the party started (Pink.)

Because we are the champions (Queen) and you are simply the best (Tina Turner.)

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