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Running advice radio interview: marathon training, mileage, intervals, bare-foot running, shin splints, core strength, stretching, warming up and more

After fifteen years as a physiotherapist I have seen loads of runners coming in to see me for physiotherapyfor running injuries that could have been prevented if they had known some basic facts about marathon training and injury prevention.

As you may know I write articles and do presentations on how best to train for a marathon and prevent injury but this is my first radio debut, we pack a fair bit in that is relevant to any type of runner so I hope you ENJOY!


For my previous article on marathon training myth busters please click on the link or check out our website for loads of advice on running injuries and prevention of injury.

I will be running a series of articles over the next few days on running injuries and training including

  1. Five expert tips on avoiding running injury
  2. Shin splints
  3. Knee pain
  4. Stretching and warming up
  5. Five expert tips for marathon day

Let me know if you would like any other topics between now and marathon day.

Happy running!

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