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Prevent and Treat Your Knee Pain: Free Physio Advice and Exercise videos

Get rid of your knee pain with exercises and advice from our Knee Specialist Physiotherapist, even if treatment has failed elsewhere.


Free Online Physio Exercise Videos (click here)

If you have knee pain these videos are for you. Our Specialist Physiotherapist will guide you through exercises to prevent and treat knee pain. The videos include exercises you can do at your desk, at home or in the gym as well as sports-specific exercises. Simply go to the videos section or put the suggested videos below into this website’s search tool above.


Your Diagnosis

Special questions and hands-on testing tell us what structures are causing your pain and how it can be treated. Our website gives information on common knee problems including runners’ knee, clicking knees, knee cap pain and ligament, cartilage and tendon injuries.


Hands-On Immediate Relief

We will use our hands to get rid of your pain quickly and thoroughly using techniques like massage, joint manipulation and mobilisation, acupuncture and taping.



Achieve Your Long-term goals

Modification, not cessation, of activities or sport, along with goal-specific exercises, are the keys to fast, safe and long-term recovery. For example, if you have pain when sitting, do exercises with the knee bent – try videos 20 and 22 – and if you have runners knee, do running drills – try video 25.


Correct Your Movement

You need to improve the way the knee moves so that excessive forces do not go through the wrong structures, causing damage and that those that are designed to take the forces become strong. For example, to correct your knee alignment going up and down stairs use videos 31 and 32.


DIY Knee Alignment

When you bend your knees, whether you are squatting, getting up from sitting, going up and down stairs or walking, you need to make sure that they point over the centre of your feet. Often the knees drop inwards in relation to the foot causing knee pain. Videos 20 and 21 show you how to self-correct.



Exercises and Stretches

Simply put the video numbers into the search tool above or go to the videos section of this website.


Hip Stability

Your hip stabilisers, particularly the gluteal muscles on the outside of the hip are essential because they keep the front of your thigh pointing forwards which stops the knee twisting inwards resulting in injury. The best way to work them is in standing – try video 37.


Foot Posture, Shoes and Insoles

Knee pain can be caused by unstable or weak feet, arches that are too high or too flat or if there is too much or too little ‘pronation.’ Shoes should have a supportive, cushioned and slightly raised heel, should be secured over the front of the foot with laces or straps, should have a firm inside edge and be flexible under the big toe joint. Off-the-shelf insoles can help as can exercises to address foot and ankle alignment – try video 29.



Train proprioception, your body’s positional sense, to prevent injury and improve sports performance. Stand on one leg with your eyes closed holding onto something sturdy for support if need be and check out videos 70-72.


I hope you have found this useful, please get in touch if you have any comments or queries. Check out out website for more videos, advice or information on our services. Or to book now call 02075838288.


… and don’t forget to share with anyone you know who has knee pain or wants to prevent it.

Thanks! Lucy

Lucy Macdonald


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